UC Berkeley alumni appointed to White House economic council

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As of September, four UC Berkeley alumni have been appointed to work with the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Two alumni have been appointed to serve on the council itself, while two others have been named economic advisers who will provide analysis and advice to the president. Of the alumni, three graduated with degrees in economics, and one graduated with a degree in business administration.

Jay Shambaugh and Sandra Black will be taking positions on the council, adding to a list of UC Berkeley alumni who have worked in the nation’s capital. Shambaugh and Black will specialize in international economics, and labor and education economics, respectively.

Shambaugh will be replacing Maurice Obstfeld, a campus professor in the economics department who is currently on leave to serve on the council. Obstfeld is leaving the council to begin his position as chief economist for the International Monetary Fund this month.

Laura Giuliano, who graduated with a doctorate in economics, and Robert Seamans, who has a doctorate in business administration, have been appointed as economic advisers to the president.

Other former members of the council with ties to the campus include economics professor Christina Romer, former dean of the campus’s Haas School of Business Laura Tyson, and professor of economics and public policy Jesse Rothstein.

The Council of Economic Advisers — an agency within the Executive Office of the President — consists of three members and is charged with advising the president on analyzing empirical evidence collected by its staff of economists.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Black received her doctorate in economics from Harvard University. Since then, she has held a variety of positions, working as an economist for the Federal Reserve and as a professor at UCLA and the University of Texas at Austin, where she currently teaches economics.

Shambaugh has taught at Dartmouth College and Georgetown University and is now a professor at George Washington University’s Institute for International Economic Policy. He has also been published in numerous economics publications and produced research that was featured in the Economist and the Washington Post.

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