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What can the UC Berkeley libraries do for you?

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2015

Although we have some of the most beautiful libraries in the world right here on our campus, we often neglect them and don’t take advantage of all the resources they offer us. For example, did you know you can host an event at FSM? Or borrow paintings from the library to put up in your room for a semester? Or win a $1,000 prize from the library? How, you may ask? Well, read on!

The Daily Clog met with Lynn Jones, Reference and Instruction Librarian and Reference Services Coordinator, to talk about the unique and cool opportunities that the library offers to UC Berkeley students.

  1. Graphic Arts Loan Collection: Students can borrow original art for free to decorate their home and enhance artistic sensitivity.
  2. Undergraduate Research Prize: UC Berkeley students are eligible to win a $1,000 prize and an exhibit for writing an undergraduate student research paper.
  3. Lunch Poems: Take a break from the hustle and bustle and take a seat on the couches of Morrison Library. Esteemed speakers, writers, poets and intellectuals will read some of their works.
  4. Host a lecture at Free Speech Movement Cafe: You or your student group can hold a lecture or event at FSM Cafe, and the library may even sponsor your event and provide refreshments — if you’re interested, you should talk to the friendly FSM staff.

In case you didn’t know, our campus librarians are all highly qualified.  To be a library staff member, one must have at least one masters degree, if not two or a PhD. The library employs 335 staff employees and 500 student employees — employing the largest number of students on campus. “Working with students is the most fun because students get so excited when they realize what they have access to,” says Jones. “Who wouldn’t want to work here?”

While talking to Jones, we also learned some other interesting facts about our libraries and campus. The library caters to many different needs. Writing a paper and can’t find any material on your topic? You might want to head over to the library, as it is is home to over 12 million book volumes. Are your roommates too loud and distracting as you attempt to cram for those finals? Main Stacks is open 24 hours a day during RRR and finals week. If you are a language enthusiast, there are books in more than 400 languages in the library — including some languages that are no longer spoken. If you’re feeling lonely or looking to make friends, what better place to start than your very own library that has over 85,000 library cardholders. Need a solid database for future academic aspirations? Head over to the library website which gets over 20 million hits per year — we know, that’s amazing. Throughout your years at UC Berkeley, make sure to explore one of our wonderful libraries on campus and talk to a librarian because they have great expertise and knowledge in a variety of subjects.

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2015