How to fit workouts into any schedule

Ellen Pong/Staff

The first full week of school has arrived, and throngs of doe-faced freshman are congregating at the RSF like it’s the only water hole in town. It may be crowded in the coming weeks but the herd will thin, and so will its members’ muscles. To avoid being a part of this herd, we at the Clog give you a number of ways to work out throughout the year, regardless of your schedule.

Work out at the Stadium Fitness Center if the RSF is too crowded.

Girls Running Stadiums (2)

Perhaps you have failed to recognize that thousands of your tuition dollars are spent to give you the chance to work out in front of other people your own age. Well, that, and spending the night in Main Stacks. Not a problem, though, thou shalt learn soon.

Desktop computers and textbooks are a proper substitute for weights, so curl away.


Perhaps you feel that walking from class to class, working a job, tutoring on the side and researching in the lab leaves you without any energy to pump precious blood away from your hippocampus and toward your hip flexors. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time to go the Stadium Fitness Center, let alone the RSF. But college is about realizing your fitness goals (which mainly have to do with never feeling self-conscious in a tank top). So grab what you have around you, and start lifting.

Instead of wasting precious time and mental energy reading, get audiobooks and listen to them at the gym.

Need to read for two hours every day? What you’re really trying to say is that you need a spotter for two hours while listening to Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents” set to light jazz. Although this sounds irresistible to us, you may not be convinced. Read on, friend, read on.

Shut up and start lifting. Or doing pilates, or something.


Even after all this advice, some may still find their schedule to be full of times when they have better things to do than to work out. This presents a challenge to any lifting man or woman, but it’s not an insurmountable one. Even the wisest strongmen and women among us can get in their heads and dissuade themselves from what they really love. Just ask yourself this sage question every time you skip arm day: if you hate lifting so much, why is your Instagram feed full of photos of you at the squat rack? Case closed.

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