A tale of two burritos

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SEPTEMBER 09, 2015

It’s only the second week of the semester here at UC Berkeley, and the new student center on Lower Sproul Plaza isn’t the only change we’ve noticed. We’re all probably still in denial about the disappearance of the entire grill menu from the Golden Bear Cafe. We’re particularly mourning the loss of our beloved chicken strips. In its place (hopefully not for long), is a selection of burritos, which reflects UC Berkeley’s focus on serving healthier foods. We decided to compare the new burrito in town to the alpha burrito down the street at Chipotle. But don’t take our word for it try them for yourself!

Pros of the Golden Bear Cafe burritos:

  • You can add avocado for $1.25, which is less than the $1.85 guacamole at Chipotle.
  • You don’t have to worry about choosing white or brown rice.
  • It’s fairly large and could last you for two meals.

Cons of the Golden Bear Cafe burritos:

  • A single burrito with meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, beans and sour cream costs $9.20.
  • Sour cream is an extra $1.25, and isn’t melted, which means you eat solid chunks of it (but maybe that’s a ‘pro’ if you’re into that kind of thing.)
  • There’s no brown rice option, only white rice.
  • There’s no corn.
  • The beef is basically ground beef, unlike the tender steak pieces at Chipotle.
  • The chicken is good, but it’s just not as juicy as Chipotle’s.
  • The burritos take more time to make than the chicken strips.
  • Did we mention it’s over $9.00?

The verdict: We are thankful to the Cal Dining board for wanting to improve our health, but the truth is, Chipotle is two minutes away, and we would rather spend what little money we have on a Chipotle burrito. In conclusion, the alpha burrito prevails! Additionally, we demand the immediate return of our chicken strips.

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2015