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Rating modes of transportation

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

Unless you live within a few blocks of campus, chances are you aren’t going to be walking to school or the area around campus. Even though housing rental prices are skyrocketing, there’s never a shortage of available types of transportation in the Bay Area. Sometimes deciding which method to take can be nauseating. We at the Clog have been thinking deeply about the various pros and cons of each transportation method so you don’t have to. You can thank us later.


Alejandro Serrano/File
Alejandro Serrano/File

Pros: You can go virtually anywhere with a bike if you try hard enough. Plus, once you have the bike, you don’t have to constantly throw away money on fare or gas.

Cons: Can you easily get to San Francisco on a bike? No. For long distance travel, biking is out.

Scooter or skateboard

Haley Talbot/File
Haley Talbot/File

Pros: Both scooters and skateboards will lessen the amount of time it’ll take you to get to your destination. They’re small and compact and you can take them with you wherever you go, like to class or the grocery store. Also, you’ll look pretty cool using one of these, so that’s always a plus. 

Cons: You have to learn how to ride a skateboard first, and for long distance trips you better not have skipped leg day. 

Bear Transit

Sophia Zepeda/Staff
Sophia Zepeda/Staff

Pros: It’s hella free (try not to think about having already paid for it with your tuition). The seats are comfy and you can catch a ride late in the night.

Cons: It will only take you around campus or to campus related places. So if you’re planning a trip to Emeryville, tough luck. 

AC Transit

Arya Aliabadi/File

Pros: With the student pass, this method of transportation is also free(ish). There’s nothing we all love more than free(ish) stuff and the frequency and saturation of buses all over Berkeley often makes this the best transit option.

Cons: You’re at the mercy of where AC Transit thinks buses should be. Sometimes when taking the bus from location A to location B you have to deal with multiple transfers and a 30 minute walk to your destination. Other times, the bus never gets to the bus stop on time. Sometimes it does come down to how lucky you are. 


Sarina Kernberg/File
Sarina Kernberg/File

Pros: BART can get you to most of the major cities in the Bay Area. The ride is fairly smooth and something interesting is almost always occurring at your local station.

Cons: It’s not free and stops running around midnight. Enough said. 


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SEPTEMBER 11, 2015