Party in the Free Speech Movement Cafe

Michael Drummond/File

We at the Clog recently remembered that Miley Cyrus is still a thing. So we decided to pay tribute to her piece of work we love most. We sincerely apologize if you can’t get this tune out of your head all day long. Enjoy this Berkeley-fied jam — we know you know how it goes.

Walked up to the cashier at FSM with a dream and my cardigan,

Welcome to the land of calorie excess, we’re not going to get thin.

Jumped in the line, here I am for the millionth time,

Look to my right and I see the daily soup sign.

This is all so crazy, everybody seems so moody.

Late for class, so I’m waiting for my service,

Too many options and I’m nervous.

That’s when the cashier asked if I’m ready,

And my favorite soup was the special,

And my favorite soup was the special,

And my favorite soup was the special!

So I pull my cash out,

They’re getting my soup,

I’m cheering in the pickup line.

I’m noddin’ my head like yeah,

Lickin’ my lips like yeah,

I got my spoon up,

They’re serving my soup,

I know I’m ready to fine dine.

Yeah, it’s a party in FSM.

Yeah, it’s a party in FSM.

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