Bookselves: An app for book lovers

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Have you ever read an amazing, mind-boggling, beautiful piece of literature and felt the immediate need to discuss it with someone but none of your friends will to read it? Well, a team consisting of UC Berkeley students have created a new mobile startup app, cleverly titled “Bookselves,” which seeks to connect book lovers in their passion for literature. The Clog sat down with project manager, Rafayel Mkrtchyan, to learn more about this app.

The app seeks to create a virtual library of real books that can be exchanged and discussed among users. This is how it works: The app user will add the book titles they have at home into their virtual library. Then, they exchange their books with others who want to read them. The company doesn’t own the books but rather creates a virtual space where one can house their books and other reading materials. Unlike other tech companies, Bookselves strives to preserve the value of real books, whereas other companies create online versions of books and sell those to students and patrons.


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The app seeks to bring back the culture of meeting with peers in person and discussing books. It’s not a dating app, Rafayel jokes, but rather helps people meet up and share their similar literary interests. The app also suggests the best possible meeting locations such as coffee shops and bookstores. “The difference between us and other modern technology,” Rafayel said, ” is that we’re not trying to connect people just virtually, but rather we are trying to foster in-person interactions.”

Bookselves plans to concentrate on a few campuses such as UC Berkeley as their target audience to see how successful the app will be.

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