Surviving the shared showers

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

So you’ve unpacked, settled in and are starting to figure out your classes. By now you’ve made friends and joined a few clubs. Hopefully the campus is beginning to feel a bit more familiar every time you walk through the gates. You might even have a favorite coffee shop or a good study spot picked out. But there’s one mountain you have yet to summit: How to deal with the communal bathrooms in your residence hall.

The first problem with the shared showers is obvious: How are you supposed to deal with strangers walking in while you’re showering? Actually, it’s not that big of a deal. The shower stalls are nice and private, albeit claustrophobic, and you can barely hear people entering the bathroom over the sound of your own shower. Just don’t let the other people wig you out and pretty soon, you won’t even think about it.

The second predicament is a little harder to deal with. Running into people on your way in or out of the shower is always weird. It isn’t that you don’t want to talk to them, it’s just that you’d rather have pants on while you do so, rather than a fuzzy pink bathrobe. Bow out gracefully when you can by saying something such as, “Hey, let’s continue this later, but I need to change into my pajamas.” If you’re a morning showerer, then it’s a little easier — just say you have to get ready for class. Of course, the opposite applies as well. It’s inevitable that you will bump into someone who just showered while you’re trying to get to the bathroom to brush your teeth. If you’re particularly (un)lucky, it’ll be that one floormate who you think is hot, and he or she won’t be wearing much. Just wave or say a quick hi and don’t stop to talk until you fix that morning breath.

The final situation you could face with shared showers is the absolute worst. Unless everyone on your floor has short hair, some slob will leave a clump of hair in the drain. Probably in all the drains. This means that you’re faced with the decision of either avoiding it the whole time you’re in the shower, running out to buy new closed-toe shower shoes or having to be the one to pick it up.  We at the Clog can’t help you here, as we too live in constant fear of this. Just make sure not to be that person, and good luck.

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