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Alina Baraz & Galimatias: three songs to check out

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Need a break from real life? Take a step back into Alina Baraz & Galimatias’ gorgeous, ethereal soundscape. The chillwave duo, who first began working together through audio platform SoundCloud, is made up of singer Alina Baraz and producer Galimatias, who hail from Cleveland and Denmark, respectively.

The two put out their first collaboration, Urban Flora, earlier this year and have now gained recognition worldwide for their tranquil work. As midterm season hits, take a couple minutes each day to escape into another universe with these three songs.


The most popular song off their collaborative EP, Urban Flora, is undoubtedly “Fantasy.” With 16.7 million streams on SoundCloud and counting, the track speaks volumes about why fans are so attracted to the duo.

Through his production, Galimatias skillfully outlines the fullness of Baraz’s soothing voice as she sings wistfully that “I could be your fantasy. His funky beats provide the perfect backdrop for her rich vocals, sweeping listeners into a kind of dreamy, happy stupor. His dance-oriented beats encourage his listeners to take a quick break from whatever they’re doing and engross themselves in the entrancing beat.

“Pretty Thoughts”

The track starts with a layer of background synths, so quiet that you wouldn’t hear them if you didn’t listen carefully. Soon enough, however, Baraz’s voice introduces itself so confidently that you can’t help but pay attention. It seems like she’s speaking right to you as she comments, “you looked at me with certainty.”

The song goes on in detail about the inescapable wonder of meeting someone new, of falling for someone as you keep “chasing your pretty thoughts.” When listening, her enchanting voice persuades us to leave behind all the mundane worries that plague us everyday. Together, Baraz & Galimatias create an ambience perfect for closing your eyes and temporarily disappearing into another world.

“Make You Feel”

More instrumentally lush than the previous two, “Make You Feel” opens with the sound of a simple piano to back up Baraz’s velvety voice. Although the song is not very lyrically complicated, its purpose is clear: the duo aim to create music that “can make you feel alright,” regardless of what kind of headspace you might be occupying that day.

The song, just like the rest of Alina Baraz’s & Galimatias’ work, is consistent in achieving its goals, transporting listeners to a place far away — even if they haven’t moved an inch.

The duo are currently on tour, and they will be playing at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on September 30.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

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