NYFW Recap: Spring/Summer 2016

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Among all the collections at New York Fashion Week, which ran Sept. 10-17, there was a strong dose of fall’s darker hues. Black and white played against each other many times during the week. The iconic styles of the 70s and 90s were in full swing, with A-line silhouettes and high necklines dominating.

Here are The Daily Californian’s picks of the five best New York Fashion Week collections, all flattering female and male forms. Some are overwhelming, some are underwhelming, but all of them are exciting samples of the busiest week on earth!


Derek Lam


This collection held just a tint of the Spanish influences that trended at NYFW, such as in the white long-sleeved chiffon blouse under a champagne-colored velvety sheath dress pictured above. Lam took inspiration from Nina Simone, the jazz and soul musician from the 50s and 60s and the subject of a recent Netflix documentary. Lam once again mixed feminine with edgy, producing a hard-to-define collection of A-line midi-length dresses and bell-sleeve accents. There’s really only one thing to say about this collection: Simply beautiful.


Naeem Khan


Out of a sea of dark palettes and mind-numbing professional looks came this multi-colored gem pictured above. Naeem Khan’s opening look boasted a chiffon robe beautifully embroidered in flower patterns and colors of red, blue and yellow. A similarly colored mini-dress added depth underneath. Long embroidered gloves covered the forearms up to the elbow. The collection followed through, with dresses of other lengths and cuts in varying embroidery designs. A floor-length sheath dress with pink lace designs could go down the red carpet easily. This startling collection will set your heart on fire.




This collection is notable not only for its clothes but the atmosphere. Designer Riccardo Tisci built the set to look like a Brazilian Favela, and the show spent some time contemplating the loss of 9/11, the 14th anniversary of which the show fell on. One of the first shows of the week, Tisci’s shows set the tone that was to follow at other shows throughout the week: Lots of lace, white dresses and white lace dresses. The collection delicately presented lace camisoles paired with black pants.


Karen Walker



Walker’s spring 2016 collection line was pragmatic, if not quirky. The most exciting part of Walker’s collection were the pops of gold sprinkled throughout. A gold knee-length skirt opened the show and a gold-strapped tank top and pants followed. With Walker, the devil was in the details; pictured above is a plain, white, ribbed sweater that is tucked into a shiny, gray knee-length skirt, which is subtlety cut out just below the thigh. Walker made drab, everyday colors a little more interesting through cut and fabric.


Creatures of the Wind


Leave it to designers Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier to give the grandma look a hard-core edge. The duo took the disarrayed grandma theme trending this fall and ran with it for the spring 2016 collection. The collection’s characteristic look is exemplified by the gilded bronze skirt and lace shirt under a short-sleeved top with large, printed flowers pictured above. Despite its preference toward the oldest woman in your life, the collection still exuded youthful charm with a thinly strapped little black dress with a gray floral scarf trailing behind. Overall, think lots of mix-and-match print schemes and floral everywhere. Oh, and you can’t forget the fishnet stockings.


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