‘Awkward’ 5×04: ‘Now You See Me, Now I Don’t’


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It is always interesting to open one’s high school yearbook and see how people have changed over the past few years. Yet, in “Now You See Me, Now I Don’t,” Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) finds that to be her biggest nightmare. Realizing that she is crowned “Most Depressing” of her senior class, Jenna is forced to confront embarrassing memories of her past. For someone who greatly matured and became wiser in her decision making, we can not help but take pity for her. Can this girl ever get a break?

When the Mother-Daughter Banquet rolls around, the mothers have to imitate their daughters. When Jenna’s mother, Lacey Hamilton (Nikki Deloach), decides to impersonate Jenna’s freshman self, Jenna is furious. Known her freshman year as the cast-wearing, attention-seeking girl, Jenna is upset at her mother’s inability to see her for who she is now.

Once her mother realizes the label Jenna received, she tells her that she won the title of “Most Likely Not to go to College” and her father, Kevin Hamilton (Mike Faiola), received “Most Likely to Become a Father Before Graduation” during their high school years. Even Ally Saxton (Barret Swatek), Lacey’s best friend, got the “Strongest Liver” award. Hearing all of this made Jenna feel even more depressed than before but by the end of the episode, she realizes that everyone is labeled but it is how one can overcome those labels and stay true to who they are that matters.

Wanting someone to talk to, Jenna heads over to the counselor, Valerie Marks’ (Desi Lydic), office only to see Lissa Miller (Greer Grammer) in the seat. With no one else to talk to, Jenna spills what has been bothering her to Lissa, who surprisingly gives great advice. For someone who is clueless and not sharp most of the time, Lissa knows when to say what needs to be said by telling Jenna that these labels do not mean anything and all that matters is what the people who really know you think about you. Feeling much better after the talk, Jenna realizes that only she knows who she is and what everyone else thinks does not mean anything to her.

Later in the episode, the viewers witness a scene in which Jenna and Matty McKibben (Beau Mirchoff) give each other their yearbooks for the other to sign. Finally getting the chance to tell Jenna how he feels about her, Matty completely ruins his shot by writing “Jenna, you’re one cool chick!” Come on — after four years of being in each other’s lives and going through thick and thin together, that is all he has to say to her?! We cannot help but feel disappointed that Matty was unable to confess his feelings with the opportunity right in front of him.

With senior year passing by ever so quickly, this episode gives viewers the opportunity to witness how much the characters have changed throughout the years. From first being introduced to the Jenna that walked in the shadows of other people to now having seen the Jenna that stands up for what she believes in, the transformation makes us feel proud of all that she has gone through to get to where she is. The episode makes us wonder what Jenna we will be saying goodbye to at the end of this season and if she will continue staying true to herself. For what it is worth, we hope that she does.

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