Sketchbook: Loryn Cook’s magical musings

Loryn Cook/Courtesy

Loryn Cook is one of those artists who LOOKS like an artist, you know? She’s the (sometimes bespectacled) girl in a cool hat and vintage sweatshirt sitting near the back of your environmental design class, eyes pinned firmly on her sketchbook, drawing something jaw-droppingly intricate and beautiful with the dreamy air of someone merely doodling. That’s the thing about Loryn — she’s low-key and annoyingly modest; she knows she has talent — she must! — but compliment her stuff and she’ll sometimes beam at you as if pleasantly surprised by the news of her own brilliance. If you’re interested in giving such a compliment or asking her about her work — which ranges from labyrinthine designs to vibrant psychedelic sketches to Escher-like imaginings of floating cities — you’d better make sure she’s not drawing when you do. Loryn may be low-key, but she’s focused. When the artist is at work, she is ONLY at work.

Loryn Cook is a second-year studying architecture, songwriter and friend of the introductory writer.

Camille Jetta

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