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Trek to Brown's: a California cafe

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

The other day, I happened to have a short gap in between a class and a meeting at about dinner time. I stumbled upon Brown’s cafe and decided to check out the menu. I was expecting the Golden Bear Cafe-style foods — wraps, pre-made sandwiches, not-so-appealing salads, you know. But I was surprised to find a very different type of menu with a large variety of unique and healthy options. Since when can we get sirloin steak, organic herb roasted chicken or grass-fed burgers with meal points? I felt like I was at Stanford or something! If you have meal points or a chunk of change on your Cal 1 Card debit, or even if you simply just enjoy a nice meal between classes, Brown’s is a unique campus eatery that is pretty underrated because of its cornered location.

The nutrition 

Brown’s has mainly organic food options. Additionally, they have the most vegan and vegetarian choices I’ve seen anywhere on campus! The kitchen is also transparent to patrons, so you can see what they’re cooking and how they’re doing it — which I think is pretty cool and even entertaining.

The menu

If you’re a fan of paninis with dandelion pesto, arugula or lamb bacon, you’ll love the paninis at Brown’s. They also have sandwiches with spicy hummus, caramelized onion, tomato and arugula, that sound particularly appealing after a long day of classes and homework.  The traditional plates also make for great meals. For example, you can choose an entree — which range from organic herb roasted chicken to grass-fed sirloin. With your entree you can select plant choices as sides. House-made fries, hummus, brown rice with caramelized onions and roasted squash are some of the many available options. The daily soups are far more desirable than those at the dining halls and can be paired with a sandwich or salad — tabouli, peaches and spinach, oh my! The grass-fed burger and seared Sriracha tofu burger smell and look absolutely delicious, and can be paired with coleslaw or some fries if that’s what you prefer! Also, did I mention that there’s a Peet’s Coffee located inside Brown’s so you can grab your chai or pumpkin spice latte and a pastry to top off your meal?

The atmosphere and staff

This place is large enough to find a table without pacing around for half an hour — the fruit baskets and fall decor make Brown’s feel especially cozy! There’s also a nice outdoor seating area with tables and umbrellas if you want to catch up with friends or with some homework and emails. If you’re tired of sitting down, there’s a large grass patch where you can lie down and soak up some sun. The staff at Brown’s seems to be especially warm and friendly. They joke around with one another and with students, laughing and yelling as they cook! Brown’s has it all — I promise you the trek all the way to Northside will be worth it. 

So next time you’re on campus and want to grab a bite, skip the lines at the boring old GBC, and make the trek to Brown’s.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2015