Berkeley local returns $1,300 that he accidentally received

Michelle Kim/File
Michelle Kim/File

If you haven’t heard by now, the Berkeley community has a hero among us — or at the least, a very honest human being. A local man named Alex Vegas ordered a pizza and some chicken wings from Domino’s and quite literally got more than what he bargained for. The delivery man accidentally gave Vegas a chicken wings box with $1,300 in it. Rather than spending the money, Vegas did the right thing and gave the money back to Domino’s. We at the Clog, however, decided to think of a few things Vegas could’ve done with this money.

This could’ve been Vegas’ opportunity to splurge on some luxury items. If he hasn’t already, Vegas could have joined the Apple fanatics in buying both an Apple watch with a stainless steel case ($750) and an iPhone 6S ($649). If he prefers Android, there’s always the Galaxy S6 Edge + ($700) and the Samsung Smart Watch ($300). He might’ve even had some money left over to pay for the phone plan! Or, if he was feeling generous, Vegas could’ve stockpiled up for future gift-giving occasions by using the money to buy diamond jewelry. Who knows? Maybe he was thinking of proposing to someone, so $1,300 would’ve definitely come in handy.

Of course, everyone would love the chance to travel without spending massive amounts of money, right? Vegas could’ve hopped on a plane and traveled to Europe on his pizza order. Getting back might’ve been a problem, however, as it would take almost all of the $1,300 for a plane ticket to Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt or any other big European city. That’s not even counting sustenance and hotels! But don’t worry — Domino’s delivers in Europe too.

Or maybe instead of squandering his fortune on unnecessary luxury items, he could’ve donated to charity — or college students. Speaking of college, if Vegas was so inclined, he could’ve paid about 2% of an in-state student’s tuition. He could’ve also paid for textbooks for a year or so. We aren’t completely selfish, though. If Vegas were a student at UC Berkeley, he would need to live somewhere relatively close to campus. With $1,300, Vegas would’ve been able to pay for a month’s rent in a luxurious Berkeley apartment and no roommates in sight. Housing isn’t the only necessity the money could’ve helped with, though. Because Vegas is a bartender at AT&T Park (Go Giants!), paying for commute is a pain. By our estimation, he could’ve paid for approximately 166 BART roundtrips to San Francisco, or even more if he has a Clipper card.

Let’s not forget about entertainment — whether he’s an Amazon fan or a Netflix marathoner, $1,300 would go a long way in paying for those pricey online addictions. To be exact, it would pay for about 13 years of Prime or 162 months of Netflix or Hulu Plus. As long as the prices don’t change, and we hope they don’t, Vegas could’ve had over a decade of couch potato-ing ahead of him on Domino’s dime.

Vegas could’ve stockpiled up on some necessities or snack foods, too. We at the Clog discovered that $1,300 could buy about 290 rolls of toilet paper, 165 boxes of Cheez-its or 480 liters of Coke. That’s almost enough caffeine to deal with college, right? That money can also go a long way when we’re talking fast food. Specifically, Vegas could have bought 1,300 hamburgers off of the $1 menu at McDonalds, 1,300 soft-shell tacos from Taco Bell, or about 87 large cheese pizzas from Domino’s. Or he could get free pizza for a year, which is what Domino’s gave him as a thank you for returning the $1,300.

Even though we at the Clog may have had some ambitious ideas for the $1,300, we think the absolute best thing that Vegas could’ve done is return it. His honesty won him free pizza for a year, 15 seconds of fame and all of our respect. All jokes aside, Vegas sets an example that we should all try to follow.