Ashby BART station closes because of medical emergency

A local BART station was closed early Monday because of what BART officials have referred to as a “medical emergency.”

The Ashby BART station was shut down about 12:24 p.m. Monday because of the discovery of a person underneath a train. Officials said no information is currently available concerning the person in question, although BART spokesperson Jim Allison said the coroner’s office has taken the body away.

According to Allison, the Ashby station closure resulted in an average commuter delay of at least 20 minutes for the two lines affected by the shutdown and was running again by 3 p.m.

After the closure of the Ashby station, BART officials attempted to establish a bus bridge with AC Transit in order to continue providing service to the affected commuters, but were unable to do so because of a lack of resources, according to Allison.

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