The art of lecture-hopping at UC Berkeley

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

We’re all starting to reach that point in the semester. Our mind-blowing gender studies class now feels as basic as yesterday’s iced vanilla latte. That one professor who we idolized those first few weeks now is the bane of our existence. Yet our eyes and ears and hearts continue to wander. After weeks of trying to hold back, trying to stick with what we signed up for, we’ve finally decided to liberate our minds! We no longer feel scared to audit a film class we didn’t sign up for. We don’t feel guilty for looking more forward to sitting in on that oh so interesting, yet completely irrelevant to our major peace and conflict studies class, than we do to stay awake for that four-hour chemistry 3B lab.

We at the Clog are here to encourage you to do some lecture-hopping — mix up your week every now and then. Not only is this a great way to experience more of the amazing professors and subjects that UC Berkeley has to offer, but you may gain a better appreciation for the classes you’re taking, or at the very least get some ideas regarding what to take next semester.

As you depart on your lecture-hopping journey, look into sitting in on classes that interest you. Is there a subject you’re passionate about, but just don’t have time to pursue? Is there a professor whose research you’re particularly interested in? Is there some class out there that’s just so wacky and out of your comfort zone that you’d never in a million years dream of signing up for? Just do it! Here’s a non-inclusive list of some pretty interesting offerings this fall:

Astronomy C10 with professor Alexei Filippenko. MWF 3-4 p.m. in Wheeler Auditorium

Now this one’s nothing new, we’ve most likely all heard at least a couple stories on how this class unleashed someone’s love of astronomy, but if you haven’t had a chance to listen to Filippenko talk about the planets, you’re missing out!

Sociology 110 with professor Linus Huang. MWF 11-12 p.m.  in 4 LeConte. 

Interested in learning more about global social institutions? What kind of roles do social institutions play in society? What kind of power do they hold? Stop on by if you’re interested in learning more.

Psychology 167AC with professor Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton. MW 1-2 p.m.  in 245 Li Ka Shing

Discover more about the psychology between societal stigmas and prejudices, why they exist and how we come to develop biases. Great for all the haters out there who judge people that are trying to change their ways!

Geography 50AC with professor Seth Lunine. MWF 2-3 p.m. in 106 Stanley

Feeling a little up in the air and in need of some intellectual grounding? What better way than to learn more about the physical, social and economic geography that has shaped the fine state of California over the years?

Gender and Women’s Studies 130AC with professor Laura Nelson. TR 9:30-11 a.m. in 126 Barrows

Explore the interactions of gender with various aspects of society. A great snapshot of the realm of gender and women’s studies, this course explores the role of gender in race, ethnicity, sexuality, health and numerous other interactions.

Film Studies 140 with professor Eileen Jones. F 10-1 p.m.  in  142 Dwinelle Hall

 This course offers a very interesting introduction into the role of color in film, “the centrality of color to the experience and technology of cinema.”

ESPM 168 with professor Nancy Peluso. TR 3:30-5 p.m. in 150 GSPP

Develop a better sense of the interrelatedness between social justice, policy and the economy in ecological issues. This is a great introductory course to the kinds of issues dealt with in the ESPM department and the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley.

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2015