Calstrology: froyo toppings edition

jpellgen/Creative Commons

It has been hot, hot, hot here in Berkeley and we at the Clog have been witnessing more and more of those easily recognizable frozen yogurt containers around campus. Whether you are a Yogurtland, Menchies or Yogurt-Park kind of froyo eater, one thing stays the same: The toppings. Look below to find your topping horoscope for the week.

Aries — cookie dough

You are the dough that holds your friend group together. Without you, your clique would not be even close to what it is now. Your friends love you for being you! Remember how much those around you appreciate you.

Taurus — popping boba

You’re unique and unexpected. You always have something up your sleeve and rarely get bored. Share your excitement for life with those around you! And if your weekend consists of the library, be sure to bring your usual fun flare.

Gemini — fruit

You are sweet, nice and always reliable. People appreciate that you’ll always be there for them even if it seems inconvenient for you. You are selfless and that’s what makes you so great.

Cancer — chocolate sauce

You’re always the cool one. You slide into class fashionably late for Berkeley time but your professors like you so much it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure that people know you’re not as arrogant as you might sometimes seem.

Leo — cheesecake bites

You’ve got a biting sense of humor and although it can be a bit off-putting when someone first gets to know you, they soon realize it’s all fun and games. Try to tone back the sarcastic comments when you meet people (not everyone likes being made fun of right off the bat).

Virgo — brownie bites

You’re classic and cool. You do what you want and don’t care what other people think. You make others want to be with you because of your chill and relaxed vibe.

Libra — heath bar

You’re an acquired taste. Not everyone likes you but that’s OK. Don’t change who you are just because you think people want you to be a certain way. Nobody will ever be everyone’s favorite.

Scorpio  caramel chocolate squares

You appear shy but once people get to know you and they break that shell of yours, they’re surprised to find that you’re anything but that. You’re fun and cool and you should let more people know that.

Sagittarius  Reese’s peanut butter cups

Classic. You are the epitome of awesome. Anyone and everyone wants to be your friend because they know that when they hang out with you they’ll have a good time. Remain humble, my friend.

Capricorn — Graham crackers

A bit unique but always pleasant. You are not judgmental and just want the best for those around you. You know just what to say when people are having a rough day. Make sure to take some time for yourself though.

Aquarius  gummy worms

You don’t play by the rules and you get away with it. You like to push your limits and explore new heights. Try getting out of Berkeley over the weekends to explore some cool, hip places around the Bay.

Pisces  M&Ms

You should meet more Reese’s peanut butter cups because you too are a staple. Dependable, cool yet you still manage to make others feel great? You’re the full package. Stay nice and don’t let your popularity get to your head.

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