50 thoughts you have when trying to find a seat in the MLK Jr. Student Union

Michelle Kim/File
  1. The air conditioning feels nice in here after the weather hit 90 degrees today.
  2. I didnt move all the way from SoCal for this weather.
  3. Should I stop for some coffee first before cramming the night away?
  4. No, lets do that after I find a seat.
  5. What time does this place close anyway?
  6. The Cal Student Store might have something nice, I should take advantage of our discounts … Or not.
  7. The sofa seats look comfy, but … theres always more than just readings to do.
  8. And I wouldnt want to fall asleep.
  9. Looks like theres no space on the top floor.
  10. Sigh. Heading downstairs.
  11. Are any of my friends down here? Did I even bring my cellphone?
  12. Maybe I should’ve dressed nicer in case I meet my significant other. What a great love story that would be.
  13. Who am I kidding 
  14. Why cant I find a single seat?
  15. Finished walking down the hallway, and there are still no seats. Great.
  16. There are actually people sitting on the floor. Nice.
  17. The student union should make better use of this place.
  18. Maybe put some more tables and desks?
  19. Who cares about safety when it comes to studying.
  20. I see the cutie in my economics class. Act normal and calm.
  21. Not sure if I should say hellowhen were not even friends on Facebook.
  22. Forget it. I don’t want to do something embarrassing.
  23. Look away.
  24. Why are people just eating here? Like seriously, you can eat anywhere else but here.
  25. Move out of the way for those who are actually here to study, please.
  26. Oh look, a seat!
  27. But thats just one.
  28. Should I cancel my study group session?
  29. No, were in this together. I can’t let them down.
  30. Okay, I’m going to walk around one more time.
  31. Now everyone’s giving me pitiful looks.
  32. There are still no seats.
  33. Maybe I should also sit on the floor?
  34. I’m literally about to give up on studying for my midterm tomorrow — YOLO.
  35. Accepting my fate … it just wasnt meant to be.
  36. Oh theres patio seating outside?
  37. I can watch the dance clubs practice too!
  38. But I forgot to bring a sweater and it’s chilly outside. The weather is so unpredictable at Berkeley. My CalSo leader warned me but I didn’t listen.
  39. Maybe I should just try to go to a library. But I hate libraries …
  40. Or I guess the Student Learning Center is right next to the Student Union.
  41. Goodbye student union and your food courts, coffee shops and air conditioning.
  42. The Student Learning Center has some empty seats!
  43. Guess Ill camp out here tonight.
  44. There are so many seats, I’ll get some food first — it’ll all be okay. 
  45. Chipotle?
  46. Yes.
  47. Boba?
  48. Why even ask?
  49. Should I try the student union again just one last time?
  50. Maybe some seats opened up.

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