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Quiz: what your water bottle says about you

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OCTOBER 01, 2015

It’s UC Berkeley, so carrying plastic water bottles is taboo — why are those even made anymore? But that’s another topic. We at the Clog have noticed distinct types of water bottles around campus, and think that a water bottle can make a statement about someone’s personality. Find out what your water bottle says about you in the following quiz.


  1. What beverage is in your water bottle?
    1. Water or some type of sports drink.
    2. It varies … sometimes water, sometimes tea. Maybe even some alcohol.
    3. Does a t0-go cup from Strada count as a water bottle?
    4. Just water.
  2. When do you have your water bottle?
    1. 24/7. I freak out if I’m separated from it for more than a few minutes. I even sleep with it.
    2. Most of the time. Especially when I’m about to go on an outside adventure.
    3. Only if it’s summer.
    4. It’s an essential for class, just like my laptop.
  3. How many water bottles do you own?
    1. So many I can’t even count!
    2. A few.
    3. Maybe one that I got for free during freshman year at Caltopia … maybe.
    4. Only one, but it’s special.
  4. How would you feel if you lost your water bottle?
    1. Kinda sad, but I have three more that look exactly the same.
    2. I’d basically be in tears. My aluminum water bottle was kind of pricey.
    3. Whatever, I’ll just buy more coffee.
    4. Devastated! I’ve spent years decorating it. I’m going to make a Free and For Sale post asking if anyone has seen it.
  5. Where did you buy your water bottle?
    1. I got it from doing a sport.
    2. I bought it from REI, clearly.
    3. I got it at the student store! Go Bears!
    4. Amazon?
    1. Athletic water bottle. Your water bottle is your trusty sidekick, on and off the field. You care for it religiously. It may or may not be the most important thing in your life.
    2. Mysterious aluminum water bottle. You’re too cool for school with this water bottle. You’d rather be out exploring with it, but when you have to go to class, it usually comes with you. Your “TBTs” featuring this water bottle are always epic.
    3. Non-existent water bottle. Coffee has water, and that’s how you stay hydrated. You’re on a first-name basis with several baristas at several different cafes. But you can never brew coffee at home and take it with you, because you have nothing to hold it in.
    4. Spirited water bottle. Your water bottle reflects all the extracurricular activities that you’ve done for the past six years. You can never forget about the awkward times you had in high school, because they’re all on your water bottle. But once you finally run out of space, those are going to get covered with new ones. Pick wisely.



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SEPTEMBER 30, 2015