It’s fall, friends

It’s fall, friends! While Berkeley might still be in the heat of an Indian summer, it is officially fall. And, it has been for some time now. Grab your flannels, your most basic friends and go out and spend an excessive amount of money — and calories — on pumpkin spice lattes. Take an artsy insta of you in your best burgundy beanie, declare the season sweater weather and cuddle weather simultaneously, and go buy every pumpkin product at Trader Joe’s. Sigh wistfully, letting the crisp fall breeze blow your pumpkiny breath throughout the room, bask in the glow of the burning fireplace and go unironically proclaim your love of pumpkin spice lattes. Make sure to go out of your way to step on particularly crunchy leaves. Then, attempt to bake a pecan pie, give up because that’s an incredibly difficult task and settle instead for a pumpkin spice craft beer. So festive. So seasonal.

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