‘Awkward’ 5×06: ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’


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This week’s episode of “Awkward,” “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” revolves around one question: What is love?

After her disastrous engagement party that enveloped the plot of the previous episode, Tamara Kaplan (Jillian Rose Reed) makes every effort to win back Adam (Brando Eaton). Meanwhile, Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) struggles to disentangle her feelings for Matty McKibben (Beau Mirchoff) after Gabby Richards (Erinn Westbrook) drunkenly told Jenna that Matty still loves her. Will they finally end up together like we have hoped for?

Jenna’s cynical outlook leaves her questioning her values and relationship ideals. While she spent most of her high school years jumping from relationship to relationship, she was unknowingly in love with Matty the entire time. Although she dated other people, she was always drawn back to him and his drama.

In the episode, Jenna and Tamara plan a girls’ night, but immediately start arguing over Tamara’s relationship with Adam, as well as Jenna’s past relationships. Jenna insists that Tamara never genuinely loved Adam and just led him on the entire time. Tamara retaliates by asserting that Jenna has sabotaged every relationship she has ever been in. This back-and-forth argument ends with Tamara driving to see Adam and Jenna staying home alone with her misplaced thoughts about Matty.

Tamara gets into her car to drive to Adam’s base, only to find that Gabby had been sleeping in the backseat, still drunk from the engagement party. When they arrive at the base a few hours later, the two manage to convince the security guard to let Adam come out to see Tamara and things go downhill from there. Although Tamara apologizes for how she treated him and begs for a chance to start over, Adam decides to break things off for good, leaving her in tears.

Upon Tamara’s departure, Jenna decides to go to sleep and is quickly enveloped in an eventful dream involving her high school ex-boyfriends. In the dream, each of them tell her how badly she treated them and how she was always too caught up in the drama with Matty to be fully committed to their relationship. Hearing this from all of them allows Jenna to realize that she has been in love with Matty since the beginning of the series, and all the other guys were simply distractions from her true feelings.

Giving us an episode full of ups and downs, “Awkward” definitely foreshadowed many events that could appear in the next few episodes. First of all, what will Jenna decide to do now that she has realized that Matty is “the one” for her and she has been secretly in love with him the entire time? Will she finally make the move and tell him how she feels?

Second of all, is Tamara and Adam’s relationship truly over? Although Tamara gave him back the ring, have they received full closure?

With so many questions left to be answered this season, we hope to get the answers we have been looking for. Most importantly, we hope Jenna gathers enough courage to tell Matty how she really feels. Hasn’t that been what has been driving this series after all?


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