Midterm rejections to say nay to the bae

Nicole White/File

Midterm studying already gives us no time to spare, yet the person you’re not interested in still seems persistent. So, go ahead, give that person your best line.

“Philosophy midterms go deeper than you can.”

“I’m happier about checking the solutions to the Statistics 20 practice midterm than I am about seeing you.”

“Your chances of going out with me are as slim as finding a seat at Main Stacks during midterms week.”

“You look like you’ve been studying for midterms all week.”

“For my Music 20A class, I’m practicing playing my instrument — but you’ll never get to play it.”

“You’ll score better filling in a scantron with pen than you will with me.”

“I’m studying for my Economics 1 test, and you’re not supplying what I demand.”

“I’ve been reading for my English 45A paper, and we’re definitely not on the same page.”

“I’m like a Physics 7A midterm. I’ve got nice curves, but you’re still not going to score well.”

“The Computer Science 61A midterm can probably destroy me better than you can.”

“I know all about chemical reactions for my Chemistry 1A midterm. And let me tell you, we’ve got no sparks.”

“I’m laying in bed, studying the Big Bang for my Astronomy C12 class. You’re not invited.”

“The practice midterm looks more like the actual midterm than you look like your Facebook pictures.”

“You’ll need to work harder for me than you did for your Political Economy 101 midterm.”

“I might be studying for Biology 1A, but you’ll never get in my genes.”

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