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Democratic debate drinking game

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OCTOBER 12, 2015

As informed UC Berkeley students, we all know the first Democratic debate is Tuesday night. And where’s the fun in a primary debate if you don’t use it as an excuse to drink ? We at the Clog have decided to combine political education with drinking and created a Democratic primary debate drinking game for all to enjoy. Tune in to CNN at 8:30 p.m. ET, and please remember to drink responsibly, whatever your beverage choice may be!

In order to give you some background, the debate will be hosted by CNN and will take place in Las Vegas. There are five definite participants: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee. To start things off, take a shot if you’ve heard the names of only the first two presidential candidates.

The game

Take a sip when:

  • O’Malley is ignored
  • Webb is ignored
  • Chafee is ignored
  • Clinton cuts off another candidate
  • Donald Trump is mentioned
  • Bill Clinton’s name is thrown around
  • President Obama’s policies are deemed good but not good enough
  • Webb references his time in the U.S. Navy and/or Marines
  • When a candidate says, “When I’m president of the United States …”
  • Chafee’s party alliance is questioned
  • O’Malley’s policies are ignored in favor of Sanders’ similar views
  • Clinton makes a joke about being first lady or her husband being first man
  • Clinton mentions being Secretary of State
  • You feel torn between Sanders and Clinton
  • You find yourself wanting to give Sanders a hug
  • You realize that you wish Sanders were your grandpa, your professor or your friend

Take two sips when:

  • Clinton’s email scandal is brought up
  • The possibility of Joe Biden entering the race is mentioned
  • Clinton masterfully changes the topic to avoid answering a question about her past policies
  • A candidate tries (and fails) to associate Sanders with a scandal
  • Sanders’ experience in politics is challenged
  • Planned Parenthood is mentioned but never outright discussed
  • Gay marriage is brought up
  • A candidate mentions Clinton’s marriage in a negative light
  • Clinton mentions something about “our troops,” which is then followed by applause

Take a shot if or when:

  • Clinton openly laughs at the other presidential hopefuls
  • Monica Lewinsky is brought up
  • Someone calls Sanders a socialist (with a negative connotation)
  • Biden shows up and just smiles and says nothing, but wins the debate
  • Biden confirms he will run for president
  • Someone implies that Clinton is running as a figurehead for her husband

Shotgun a canned beverage of your choice if or when:

  • Someone around you says, “Clinton is going to take down Sanders unless Biden enters the race.”
  • Someone around you refers to Biden as “the rockstar of American politics”
  • Watching the debate turns into a heated debate between you and your friends
  • Someone around you says Trump is more qualified than any of the Democratic candidates (and that person is subsequently murdered)
  • Sanders makes you cheer
  • You realize that you’ve ignored the other three candidates entirely and that Sanders is your idol
Contact Taylor Follett at [email protected] and Sareen Habeshian at [email protected].

OCTOBER 12, 2015