‘Awkward’ 5×07: ‘The Big Reveal’

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Jenna (Ashley Rickards) Season Two (Photo Credit: MTV/Elisabeth Caren)

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With 23 days left until the end of senior year, the plot of “Awkward” thickens with “The Big Reveal,” as Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) has to face a difficult decision about Matty McKibben (Beau Mirchoff).

Remember back in Mexico during spring break when Matty was going to tell Jenna how he felt but her mom stopped him? Lacey Hamilton (Nikki DeLoach) never ended up confessing to Jenna what she did until this episode. Accusing her mother of interfering with her life and only making matters worse, Jenna struggles with questioning what would have happened with her and Matty had her mother not said anything. After talking to Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) about what happened, Jenna ultimately forgives Lacey and realizes that what her mother did may have been for the best.

Also in this episode, Lacey has Jenna throw her a “big reveal” party to give away the sex of Lacey’s baby. Although Jenna does her best to keep the baby’s sex a surprise, she gives it away at the last minute.

Darlene’s (Heather Mazur) boyfriend Ted (Lochlyn Munro) is in town for the weekend and Sadie Saxton (Molly Tarlov) is ready to meet him. After basically abandoning Sadie for two years, she has been back this season trying to make amends. After talking to her boyfriend, Sadie realizes that Darlene lied to her boyfriend when telling him that the two constantly texted and called when she left. This cannot be good for Sadie and Darlene’s relationship.

And as if this episode was not already filled with enough surprises, the plot keeps thickening as Valerie Marks (Desi Lydic) returns. Showing up at Lacey’s party with stories of her traveling, she admits that she is back for good and ready to marry Biggie (Brian Ames). Initially leaving to get a better sense of the world and expand her horizons, Val’s humor was definitely missed these past few episodes.

College decision day is approaching and the students of Palos Hills High School have only a few days left to finalize the college of their choice. When a spot opens up on UC Berkeley’s soccer team and the university offers him the midfielder position, Matty gets the chance to attend his dream school. Yet, he is hesitant in accepting the offer. Why, you may ask? Because of Jenna. When she invites him to dinner to finally tell him how she feels, she cannot get the words out. Is it time to stop hoping for Jenna and Matty to get back together?

An episode that leaves us mainly heartbroken over Jenna and Matty, we are left questioning whether the Jenna and Matty ship has sailed for good. With few days left until the seniors graduate, could they still end up being together? Or is it too late?

One thing “Awkward” has given us is surprise after surprise throughout its episodes. Could this setback for Jenna and Matty only be pushing for the two of them to end up together? Pining for the two of them to make it work, we certainly hope so.

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