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The different types of seniors at UC Berkeley

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OCTOBER 15, 2015

Senior year is a time of transition and stress. The countdown has begun to the rest of your life and now you’ve got to go find a job and prove to the rest of the world that your time at UC Berkeley meant something. We at the Clog have noticed that there are many different reactions to this stress level.

You still put as much effort into school as you did your first semester

It doesn’t matter if that means you’ve put in no effort or all the effort, nothing has really changed since your first semester at the illustrious University of California, Berkeley. And that’s okay. The level of commitment you have for your classes works well and you’ve stuck to it for four years. Even if that means you crawl out of bed 20 minutes before your class, throw on some shades and spritz yourself with body spray to hide the smell of alcohol from your Wednesday all-nighter, we salute you and value your contribution to academia.

You’ve upped your effort game to 11

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have you, the senior who’s decided that slacking off is no longer for you. You’ve promised yourself that you’ll take great notes in each of your classes — no matter how easy or difficult they may be. You’ll do your homework multiple days in advance and won’t have to worry about your midterm because you’re already ahead of the game. Your entire UC Berkeley career has culminated in this very moment when you know you’re getting an A+ on your final — and are purposefully using RRR Week as a celebratory bacchanal.

Your entire closet is now made up of Cal gear

Your first day of senior year has arrived and you’re looking through your closet to find a piece of Cal gear to wear in celebration of your devotion to your school. But wait! What’s this? You can’t find anything. What about that T-shirt your mom gave you last semester? Oh, yeah, it no longer fits (that freshman 15, though). Your single Cal sweatshirt? It’s too hot. Once you come to terms with the fact that you don’t own any Cal gear, you march down to the Cal Student Store and begin to spend a small fortune on branded items. It’s okay, just save enough money to buy alumni branded gear for after you graduate.

You’ve emotionally checked out and are biding your time until your last class

When you got to UC Berkeley you were full of endless hopes and dreams, just like every other freshman. Now, you’re all grown up and ready to start the rest of your life. You’ve learned so much since Chem 1A, you’ve had multiple internships and a billion jobs, but now it’s time for you to spread your wings and show the world that you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

You’re dreading the moment when you have to leave

Nostalgia for your last four years at UC Berkeley has set in and every memorable moment is flashing before your eyes. You remember your first all-nighter in Main Stacks with a fondness that no actual freshman experiences. Your 21st birthday, the first time you legally bought a drink at Kip’s, brings tears to your eyes. Oh, what you wouldn’t give to return to those precious, innocent years. But you know they must end, however, that doesn’t stop you from feeling sad and maybe a little bit nervous too.

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OCTOBER 14, 2015