Quiz: What does your favorite font say about you?

Eva Van Ostade/Creative Commons

As seasoned writers and experts on the latest in the online world (at least we’d like to think so), we at the Clog have acquired a particular skill that we’d like to put to the test: knowing everything about you based solely on your font of choice. We can’t guarantee accuracy for everyone, but it’s safe to say we can at least distinguish a Garamond kind of gal from a Century Gothic chick. Find out what your go-to font says about you by taking our quiz!

  1. Which of the following most accurately describes your typing habits?
    1. I use two index fingers only.
    2. It’s fast and furious.
    3. I slam on the keys.
    4. I prefer writing by hand.
  2. You see that someone has dropped $10. You immediately …
    1. Keep it because you need dinner.
    2. Chase after the person and return the money.
    3. Continue walking because it’s just $10 and you really don’t want to bend over.
    4. Post a picture of it to your Snapchat story with the caption “TEN BANDS.”
  3. What’s your favorite study spot?
    1. Main Stacks — I love feeling like I’m trapped in a dungeon.
    2. The new ASUC student union building is the bae.
    3. I’ll study at Cafe Milano, or any cafe with good natural lighting.
    4. I only study in my apartment or residence hall.
  4. How do you dot your “i”s?
    1. With a normal small dot … ?
    2. With a heart, obviously.
    3. I don’t.
    4. With that fancy dash — you know what I’m talking about.
  5. What do you do during the 15 minutes before your midterm?
    1. I stress eat.
    2. I listen to my “Exam Time” playlist on Spotify.
    3. I frantically search for a green book.
    4. I walk into my exam room, wearing a stone-cold expression on my face.
    1. Times New Roman: You’re the perfect student — you’re efficient and goal-oriented, and you’re probably in Haas School of Business or another intense capped major. You don’t have time for messing around, especially when it comes to assignments. You know that your professor will require size 12, double spaced Times New Roman, so you’ve already made it your favorite font.
    2. Courier New: You’re the hardcore Computer Science major who uses Courier New all day every day while you’re coding. In fact, you’ve been reading in Courier New for so long that you can’t even distinguish between the other fonts. If it’s not CS-related, it doesn’t matter. You are also guilty of being the notorious key-clacker in the library.
    3. Georgia: You are the classic, cool English or humanities major. You prefer Georgia because it’s readable but with enough flourish that it’s aesthetically pleasing. You’re probably taking this quiz in Cafe Milano or People’s Coffee and Tea while on break from writing your analytical essay on English poetry.
    4. Calibri: The only reason you are typing in the first place is because you have to — you’re probably more interested in mathematics or physical sciences. When you open up a Word document, it’s to write a reading response for the arts & literature breadth requirement that you need to fulfill. You care so little that you choose to stay with the default Calibri. As long as it’s in English, right?

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