Tunesday: A taste of classic Britney

With midterm season in full bloom and the school year showing no signs of slowing down, there comes a feeling of apprehensiveness toward what awaits in the near future. Sometimes you just want to crawl under the covers and revel in the good ol’ days — the days when Britney Spears was the reigning pop queen. When you are feeling sluggish, having a bad day or need an awesome workout or party playlist, Britney is the best type of medicine any listener could ask for. With inspirational quotes like: “There is no need to protect me / It’s time that I / Learn to face up to this on my own,” and the infamous “you better work bitch,” it turns out that Britney’s songs can be applicable in many situations. So here is a small taste of some of her lovable classics.

“Gimme More”

“It’s Britney b**tch!” With perhaps one of the infamous introductions of any song, “Gimme More” is one of Britney’s more unapologetic pop hits. It’s infectious and will have you wanting to dance around a pole like Britney does in the music video.


This next song has to be the one song out of the bunch that elicits some of the best covers. But the original version is far superior and will definitely get stuck in your head. “Toxic” is sexy and naughty — perfect for dancing or seducing your significant other. Britney’s singing, along with the high-pitched, siren-like notes beckon members of both sexes to fall head over heels.

“…Baby One More Time”

This song is Britney’s 1998 debut single, making it the most classic Britney track of the bunch. The music video featuring her in pigtails and a schoolgirl uniform has forever been immortalized in the minds of every media consumer from the past two decades. With the familiar opening beats and Britney’s low and sultry voice, this song is always a go-to.


This song deals with the struggles of being perceived as perfect. Even though you may have this outside persona of happiness, it doesn’t actually reflect how you feel within. “Lucky” conjures up a lot of repressed feelings, and when Britney sings, “But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart,” you feel like you’re about to cry. But the one thing about Britney is that even though this song is sad and softer than her traditional pop, you can definitely still dance to it.

“I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”

One of Britney’s more famous ballads, you may remember this song from the classic Britney film “Crossroads” (2002). This song deals with all the in-between feelings we get when we are at the uncertain points in life. You may have grown past that first stage, which in the song is being a “girl,” but are you really ready to be an adult yet?

“Oops! … I Did It Again”

This 100 percent pure pop song will have you going way back to the 90s. With a Titanic (1997) reference about the heart of the ocean, the song deals with the unfortunate business of playing with someone’s heart. This is the kind of song to which you would want to have a choreographed dance number. With hypnotic beats, this song will have you singing “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” all night long.

“Work B**ch”

If anyone ever needs motivation to get some work done, this newer single by Britney is one to go to. Britney sings with a Madonna-esque British accent that never gets fully explained. This song’s strong point is the beat and Britney yelling at you to work if you ever want a Maserati. And because Britney must have enough money for a Maserati, her advice is probably sound.

“Piece of Me”

This auto-tuned comeback classic is perfect for a dance party. It speaks to the public’s fascination with Britney and on a larger scale, people’s fascination with celebrities. The public puts them on a pedestal, tears them down and builds them up, and loves it all the while. Ultimately, this song shows how Britney always owns it and knows what the public wants.

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