Cal vs. UCLA drinking game

Derek Remsburg/File

Note: Feel free to use any beverage of your choice — get creative!

The Cal vs. UCLA game, which will take place Oct. 22, is one of the most popular games during football season. Because watching it requires you to compromise your precious midterm cramming time, we suggest you double the fun with some of these drinking game ideas. What’s a better way to show your school pride on a Thursday night? Pick and choose from these options. Keep in mind that this particular football game usually lasts more than two hours.

Take a shot:

  • At every passing touchdown, Cal or UCLA
  • Every time Cal turns the ball over
  • When you see a football player that’s in one of your classes
  • When you see a cheerleader that’s in one of your classes
  • For every punt return for a TD
  • For every kick return for a TD

Take two shots:

  • At every rushing touchdown, Cal or UCLA
  • If the football player in your class is the one who made the touchdown

Take a sip of your beverage of choice

  • Every time the news commentator mentions Jared Goff
  • Every time the news commentator says anything about Josh Rosen
  • When a coach expresses anger

Finish your beverage of choice:

  • When a player dances a little after a touchdown
  • When Myles Jack’s injury is brought up
  • Every time someone mentions the game against USC next week
  • Every time someone talks about UCLA copying our mascot

Shotgun a can of the beverage of your choice:

  • Every time the defense scores a touchdown
  • When the scores are tied
  • With every single person in the room if Cal wins

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