Is it seriously still hot, October?

Rayanne Piaña/File

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s currently way too hot outside. Oh, and it’s October. It’s supposed to be the time for comfy sweaters, long boots and fluffy scarves. Instead we’re stuck wearing the same tank top we’ve been wearing since last semester’s RRR Week. Walks to class are an anger-filled, cursing-under-your-breath sweat brigade instead of the cozied-up, latte-in-hand stroll they’re supposed to be. Sitting in class feels like being trapped in the pits of hell due to the utterly uncomfortable level of heat as we count down the minutes until we can go outside in the hopes that there will be a spontaneous rain shower. Perhaps our collective brain power and hopes for a snow day will alter the course of the planet and actually bring us cold weather to save us from our misery.

Our rain boots are gathering dust and our coats are getting tired of hanging in our tiny closets. We’re actually sick of wearing the few pieces of summer clothing that we have in our Berkeley closets, considering the fact that our sweater drawers are overstuffed and waiting to be freed. Plus, throwing on a hoodie and leggings is easier than putting together an outfit that’ll work for Berkeley’s unpredictable weather. We see students strutting around in short-shorts yet bundled in sweaters and scarves as if they still have hope for a gust of wind or a droplet of rain. Also, who decided that none of the buildings in the entire Bay are worthy of air-conditioning? Are we students undeserving of such a luxury? Is it better that we melt into a puddle of corpses? Death by heat rather than death by midterms may be an interesting shift in fate.

Try doing homework and studying in this disgusting heat. It’s headache after headache, as we sit in our apartments warm enough to be ovens. To be honest all we want to do is snuggle up in our blankets, drink hot cocoa and “Netflix and chill.” The it’s “too hot” justification is not nearly as fun or cuddly. Well hey, at least you don’t have to text an old bae just to have someone to cuddle with.

We sip our pumpkin spiced lattes — sweat dripping down our faces — because we refuse to sacrifice the gift of the fall gods. We may have been robbed of cuddle weather and scarf season, but there’s no way we’re letting this scorching heat rob us of our favorite fall drinks! We’ll continue to shove anything pumpkin-flavored down our throats. Halloween just isn’t the same when the weather isn’t gloomy and eerie. Perhaps those planning on wearing revealing Halloween costumes are glad they won’t have to freeze in their barely-there outfits. Well, at least someone will be happy.

Please, for the love of Oski and all our Nobel Laureates, let us hope that WINTER IS COMING!

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