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Album reviews that describe UC Berkeley professors' lectures

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OCTOBER 23, 2015

We all know that some professors view their lectures as pieces of art. Whether it be because of the colorful slides, the poetic language or the theatrical demonstrations, a good lecture can be a performance. But every professor is different, so we decided to pair several notable lecturers on campus with Daily Cal album reviews that capture the essence of their teaching.

Professor Robert Reich

Professor Robert Reich
Levy Yun/File

“A surprisingly legitimate artistic endeavor … jazzy sax undertones with meows and yowls … (accompanied by a) chorus of softly meowing cats … (it’s) a fundamentally light-hearted project that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” (Meow the Jewels)

Professor Josh Jackson

Professor Jackson
Ismael Farooqui/Staff

“No stranger to romance … (with) eclectic vocals and, of course, his trademark, drawn-out ‘yaa-aaah, baby!’ … boasts his trap origins … even gets a little philosophical … (but) proved that he is more than a one-hit wonder.” (Fetty Wap: debut album)

Professor Emmanuel Saez

Emmanuel Saez (center), a UC Berkeley economics professor and winner of the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal authored the report showing uneven rates of recovery following the 2008 recession between the two financially disparate groups.
Evan Walbridge/File

“Smooth and eloquent flow works well … (might) typically be dismissed as embellishment … (contains a) sonic palate … (and) lays down some of the most hard-hitting and culturally significant bars.” (Drake, Future mixtape)

Professor Jim Patton

Professor emeritus Jim Patton studies mammals and curates the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.
Simone Anne Lang/File

“Korean boy band … form(s) a cohesive whole that’s entirely bright, bubbly and danceable … impeccable technique with a beautiful, melancholic melody … 어른이 되면.” (Boys Be)

Professor Peter Duesberg

Professor Duesberg
Brenna Alexander/File

“Experimental style and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude … either party tunes, sex beats or vulnerable ballads … has a grated raspy quality … is a certain acquired taste … (and) enough to raise the question as to what exactly the viewer just spent his last two to three hours on.” (Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz)

Professor David Wetzel

Professor David Wetzel talks about his journey into the world of history.
Barbara Sullinger/File

“A slow-burning, expansive banger … (that) expresses the sheer heartbreak of witnessing an ex-lover with someone new at the club … pillow-talk vocals … lonely hearts everywhere have a new soundtrack for nights on the town.” (In Colour)

Professor John Yoo

Professor Yoo
Miller Center/Creative Commons

“in unflattering superhero costumes and capes come to mind … instances of passion and moments of redemption … successfully transports us to a dark world.” (BadBadNotGood)

All these album reviews come from the Daily Californian’s A&E reviews.

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OCTOBER 22, 2015