Picks of the week: Local haunts

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We are at that point in the semester when our patience and motivation for getting out of the house and taking advantage of beautiful Berkeley are dwindling. Despite this mid-semester slump, find the last ounce of determination in your darkened lump of a soul and remember why you chose to attend college in the best city in the world in the first place!

Monday Mac DeMarco at the Fox Theater  

Don’t worry if “Salad Days” are over because Mac DeMarco’s quirky dance moves and silly onstage performances are most certainly not. The goofy, ever-chill musician hits the stage in Oakland at the Fox Theater on Monday evening, promising a charismatic and funny-as-hell night. Despite DeMarco’s goofy demeanor, his romantic, sway-inducing music is the perfect ambience for a cool date night. Be sure to hit up The Den at the Fox Theater before the show for happy hour! In the meantime, re-watch this fan-favorite Over/Under segment courtesy of Pitchfork Media.

Wednesday Yoga Bob at PianoFight

According to Yoga Bob’s Facebook page, the four-piece quartet is a group of “serious artists and perhaps aspiring mushroom hunters.” Intrigued? Check out the band at PianoFight, a new San Franciscan bar, restaurant and venue in the Tenderloin, on Wednesday at 6 p.m. The undiscovered electronic indie rock and soul group, that cites James Blake and Stevie Wonder as inspiration, is based in Oakland and is sure to pair perfectly with PianoFight’s famous Cajun fries.

Wednesday $1 Book Sale at the San Francisco Public Library

After this week’s Airbnb scandal in San Francisco, it is time to give back to the public library system big time. Head over to the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library for its weekly Wednesday Steps Sales located at the Larkin Street entrance. Books and media are priced at $1 (or less!) and all proceeds go to the San Francisco Public Library. Book shopping at these sales is a bit like thrift shopping — it takes time and patience, but the rare gems are worth the wait.

Saturday “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the San Francisco Symphony

This article would not be complete without something Halloween themed to round out this Hallo-week! Davies Symphony Hall will host a screening of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Halloween this year. The San Francisco Symphony will get in on the fun with a pre-show performance, including its selection of musical numbers from classic horror flicks such as “Psycho” and “The Exorcist.” The show begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be bought on the symphony website.

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