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Which Fetty Wap 'Yaaah baby!' are you?

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OCTOBER 28, 2015


It is rare to listen to rapper Fetty Wap without coming across at least one iteration of his signature “yaaa baby!” in any of his trap-inspired pop singles. Who knew that two words could express such a multiplicity of sentiments and experiences? If you have ever emotionally identified with any of Wap’s poetic deliveries of “yaaa baby,” take this quiz to find out which one best fits your personality!


  1. Choose one:
    1. Love
    2. Money
    3. Your squad
    4. Your fans
    5. Turning up
  2. Favorite study spot?
    1. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union
    2. Main Stacks
    3. Doe Library
    4. Caffe Strada
    5. Philz Coffee
  3. What’s your ideal date?
    1. A hike to the top of Grizzly Peak, overlooking the bay
    2. A visit to the top of the Campanile and a picnic on Memorial Glade afterward
    3. Netflix-and-chill night at your date’s place
    4. An expensive dinner in San Francisco
    5. An afternoon coffee and chat at a cafe
  4. Which best describes you?
    1. Hopeless romantic
    2. Confident and outspoken
    3. Life of the party
    4. Loyal to your crew
    5. Never taking yourself too seriously
  5. What’s your favorite Fetty Wap song?
    1. “Trap Queen”
    2. “Again”
    3. “My Way”
    4. “679”
    5. “RGF Island”
    1. You’re the “yaaah” in “Trap Queen.” You’re different, not like all the “yaaa baby’s” out there. You’re simpler and more thoughtful, and you’re not afraid to treat your baby like royalty.
    2. You’re the “yaaa baby” in “Again.” You’re a hopeless romantic! You’re the most yearning “yaaa baby” ever cried out. You long for love, and you just need someone to call yours.
    3. You’re the “yaaa baby” in “My Way.” You’re the most assertive “yaaa baby” of the bunch, and you’re not one to tolerate disrespect from anyone. You will protect your boo from anyone.
    4. You’re the “yaaa baby” in “679.” You’re the life of the party, and everyone has fun around you! When people ask if you’ll be their baby daddy, you’re like, “YaaaYeah!”
    5. You’re the “yaaa baby” in “RGF Island.” You’re loyal and hardworking, and your squad matters most to you. You’d do anything for your gang.

Listen to one of Fetty Wap’s most underrated songs below. (Well, according to the highly arbitrary opinion of A&E staff.) 


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OCTOBER 28, 2015