‘Awkward’ 5×09: ‘Say No to the Dress’


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There are two weeks left until graduation and the plot of this week’s “Awkward” episode, “Say No to the Dress,” has already left us in anticipation for next week’s episode.

We all know what comes with prom — getting your nails and hair done and feeling like a princess for just one day. Yet for Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), the dream is far away from reality. Tamara complains that “(her) hair looks like a bouquet of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos” and Jenna ends up spilling her drink on her white dress. And even though they redo their hair and Jenna ends up finding another white dress at the last minute — a white wedding dress, nonetheless — the night is not how the best friends imagined it to be.

Sadie’s (Molly Tarlov) and Darlene Saxton’s (Heather Mazur) relationship goes downhill in this episode. There’s nothing worse than seeing Sadie in tears — especially on the day of Senior Prom — and we can’t help but hate Darlene because of it. After lying to her boyfriend that she kept in touch with Sadie when in actuality she made her live with Aunt Ally Saxton (Barret Swatek) and did not contact her, Darlene is definitely not the mother we had hoped for Sadie.

Sadie and Matty McKibben (Beau Mirchoff) show up to prom together only to witness Lissa Miller (Greer Grammer) dressed like Cinderella. Getting out of there as fast as they can, the two drive around in a limo and vent their problems to one another. Being the painfully honest person that she is, Sadie has a heart-to-heart with Matty and tells him to tell Jenna he is in love with her. Will Matty finally have the courage to tell Jenna how he feels?

Tamara finally gets the happily-ever-after she wanted with Adam (Brando Eaton) on this eventful night. Surprising her at prom and proposing that they should start dating again, Adam warms our hearts with his gesture. On the other hand, the situation between Jake Rosati (Brett Davern) and Gabby Richards (Erinn Westbrook) is getting more problematic. After coming to prom solo following their break-up, Jake is surprised when Gabby’s friends all compete for his attention. Is this the end for Jake and Gabby?

This week’s “Awkward” was full of surprises and sneak peeks for next week’s episode. Jake and Gabby’s relationship is tumbling, but isn’t their relationship worth more than that one fight? We hope the two can work things out before graduation.

Even after that horrendous fight, we can’t help but wonder if Darlene will try to make an appearance in her life throughout the rest of the season. If she does, we have an idea of what Sadie would tell her.

Lastly, could Jenna and Matty get the fairytale we have been waiting for? We have been pining for the two to be together since the start of the season but timing has never been in their favor. Let’s hope it works this time around.

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