Halloween candy alternatives

Martha Morrissey/Staff

The two-for-$5 deals for Halloween candy at Safeway and Walgreens are so appealing. The candy is conveniently right by the register, which is dangerous for the impulse shopper. This year, don’t go to Walgreens with the intention of grabbing paper towels and DayQuil and end up leaving with those items plus a bag of fun-sized Snickers. Stay strong throughout your 15-minute wait in line. Don’t try to tell yourself that your apartment might get a few tricker-treaters. You will end up eating the entire bag before the week is over with (or without) the help of your roommates — and you’ll be filled with such regret. We at the Clog has some suggestions for better ways to spend those $5, while still satisfying your craving for sweets.

One bag ($2.99)

Phillip Downey/File

You can get one ice cream sandwich for $2.50 from CREAM. While the line at CREAM might be longer than the line at Walgreens, you can take comfort in the fact that it will move at least twice as fast.

Two bags ($5)

Annie Chang/File

You can buy one traditional cinnamon roll at Cinnaholic and still have a quarter leftover to do your laundry. Because Cinnaholic is vegan, it’s way healthier than candy, right?

Four bags ($10)

Omil Xia/Staff

You can almost buy a pint of ice cream from Smitten. In that 15-minute wait at Walgreens, we’re sure you can find something to put back which saves you a dollar, and then you can use that extra money to buy this delicious treat. Or, when you split the cost of common apartment supplies between your roommates, charge them a little more. They’ll never notice. If they do, say it’s a delivery fee … InstaCart isn’t free, so your sacrifice for the apartment shouldn’t be either.

Six bags ($15)

Lilia Owens/Courtesy

You can get a dozen mini cupcakes from Cupcakin’ Bake Shop, located conveniently on Durant Avenue (two minutes away from Walgreens). There are dozens of things you can do with a dozen cupcakes. You can make your roommates’ day by giving them some, or make a dozen new friends by handing them out for free on Sproul Plaza. Or you can eat them all by yourself.

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