Creative uses for your leftover jack-o-lantern

Making jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins is one of the best parts about Halloween. Or at least it was when you were young. If you have yet to let go of your childhood and have taken the time to buy a pumpkin and carve it with a scary face, pretty soon you’re going to need to do something about it. It can’t sit forever in your residence hall or on the porch of your apartment. You’ve probably never taken the time to figure out what your parents did with all those jack-o-lanterns you made as a child, right? No worries, we at the Clog have gone deep undercover and investigated some of the ways you can use your jack-o-lanterns once Halloween ends — we know, we’re sad about it too.

  1. Start a compost pile in your backyard, we only have one Earth, you know?
  2. Have a pumpkin smashing party. Don’t forget to bring your bat.
  3. Leave it alone for the animals to eat, they’ve had a long Halloween too.
  4. Throw it ceremoniously into the trashcan as you say goodbye to your childhood. It’s time to grow up.
  5. If it’s not too old, you could attempt to bake it. But be careful — we don’t want anyone getting sick.
  6. Cut it into a bunch of pieces and go feed some squirrels. You should be able to find them somewhere on campus.
  7. Throw it away. Duh.
  8. Look at it and contemplate its existence. Is this pumpkin a metaphor for our lives? Are we also slowly decaying?
  9. Gather your friends’ jack-o-lanterns and name yourself king of the dying pumpkins as part of a sociological experiment. Or not.
  10. Take it to class with you and give it to your professor in place of your midterm.
  11. Place it in the middle of the street, get a running start and jump on it. Record your findings for the UC Berkeley biological sciences department — they’ll appreciate it.
  12. Take it to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden and sell it to them as a sister plant to the corpse flower.
  13. Place it on the sidewalk and wait for someone else to take it.
  14. Save it and give it to an acquaintance for Christmas.
  15. Use it as a centerpiece during Thanksgiving.
  16. Throw it away!
  17. Bake a pumpkin pie and then throw it away.
  18. Turn it around and carve a new face.
  19. Mold it into the shape of a bear.
  20. We insist, just throw it away.

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