Things that are worse than losing to USC football

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NOVEMBER 04, 2015

There are many things that affect us directly and we should care about much more than our football rankings. So before you get bummed about the USC game, just remember: Your life sucks too much for you to care about something that, quite honestly, doesn’t change your life as much as you think it does.

Missing your Tele-BEARS appointment

Being below the GPA requirment for declaring your major

Running out of money for rent

Running out of your last pack of ramen noodles when you have no time to cook

Seeing Drake’s Hotline Bling without music

Ordering food delivery that takes more than an hour

Showing up to a discussion that was cancelled and you didn’t know about it

Forgetting your jacket at the gym and having no one return it

Having to walk up the hill to Etcheverry Hall

Being more than one standard deviation below the average for a test

Having your professor refuse to write you a recommendation letter

Having an 8 a.m. class that takes attendance — at Li Ka Shing

Deciding that you hate your major during your last semester of college

Having your crush left-swipe you on Tinder

Coming back to school only to realize that the Golden Bear Cafe doesn’t sell chicken strips anymore

Realizing that you forgot your bus pass after waiting at the stop

Having a paper due on the same day as a midterm

Finally being productive at a library and then realizing it’s almost closing hours

Getting a notification from CARS saying that your bill is overdue

Losing to Stanford

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NOVEMBER 03, 2015