Slogans for some L&S majors

Michaela Swensen/File
Michaela Swensen/File

We at the Clog decided that with the many academic paths you can take at UC Berkeley, sometimes a type of categorization is necessary. Thus we crowdsourced around campus and asked people for the most popular majors that the College of Letters and Science offers — and made some memorable slogans for them.

American studies: ” ‘Murica, hell yeah!”

Sociology: “Let’s learn about how terrible the world is in a classroom.”

English: “Bring your own reusable mug of coffee to class.”

Integrative biology: “Sorry friends, half of you won’t make it past Chem 3A/3B.”

History: “We end every essay with a line about past, present and future.”

Political Economy: “Yes, OK. We couldn’t decide between economics or political science.”

Computer science: “Six hours later, I’m still working on the same project.”

Philosophy: “Roses are red, violets are blue. Therefore, flowers are purple.”

Economics: “Are you actually interested in economics or did you get rejected from Haas?”

Linguistics: “Stop asking me how many languages I speak. I just know a lot about English.”

Media studies: “Where Netflix and chill becomes research.”

Mathematics: “There are no actual numbers.”

Geography: “No, I don’t draw maps. I analyze the relationship of time/ space/ power — abstract stuff, you know?”

Political science: “Your opinion is wrong, mine is correct.”

Rhetoric: “How to win an argument against yourself.”

Psychology: “None of us are actually becoming psychiatrists. Or are we?”

Chemistry: “Admit it, you only know about this major because of ‘Breaking Bad.’ ”

Film: “You enrolled in this major because you wanted to do film production — but quickly found out you only learn about film theory.”

Public health: “Healthy people are generally white and rich.”

Anthropology: “Who needs to get paid when you’re getting laid.”

Peace and conflict studies: “I really want to believe that the United Nations is effective — but at this point, I know better.”

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