How to experience all four seasons in one day on campus

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NOVEMBER 09, 2015

If the difference between the hot last week of October and the chilly first week of November is any indicator, then it should be apparent that the concept of seasons in Berkeley is a loose one at best. The weather in the Bay Area can change on a dime, which means students here need to be prepared for anything. It’s easy to joke about having four seasons in a day in a place like Berkeley, but what if that’s actually true? Can you go through one day in Berkeley and experience the moods and temperatures of an entire year? We at the Clog took on this challenge and came up with four places you can go to experience each of the four seasons, all without leaving campus.

Fall: Free Speech Movement Cafe

Kelsi Krandel/Staff
Kelsi Krandel/Staff

Fall’s ambiance involves warm colors, cool mornings and hot drinks. Luckily, on-campus cafes like the Free Speech Movement Cafe always deliver just that. There’s just something about the FSM Cafe’s open feeling and the brown, black and white decor that screams autumn. Come by here on a foggy Berkeley morning, and no matter the month, you’ll swear it’s fall. Plus, they serve hot apple cider, which — let’s be honest — is the ultimate fall drink, pumpkin spice lattes be damned.

Winter: MLK Jr. Student Union

bank_RachaelGarner 001
Rachael Garner/File

Winter in Berkeley is about chilly weather, crisp air, curling up over your computer in the warmest sweatshirt you can find and agonizing over your grades. Amazingly enough, that also describes studying in the new Student Union building. Thanks to the building’s aggressive air conditioning, studying here makes any day feel like a winter day. If chilly winter weather is your favorite and you want to get in the mood, just stop by the Student Union, grab a seat by the nearest air vent, drink your peppermint mocha and cry like it’s RRR Week.

Spring: UC Botanical Garden

UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens
Linda Hoover/Creative Commons

Okay, so the garden is not exactly on campus, but it’s still university property, so it counts. Spring is a time to commune with nature, to be surrounded by pretty colors and to sneeze at flowers. What better place for that than the UC Botanical Garden? No matter the season, the flora and fauna will never fail to get you in a springtime mood. Just hop on the Bear Transit Hill Line, and it’ll take you straight there. Bonus points if you spend all your time aggravated by all the pollen — then it really feels like spring.

Summer: Wheeler Auditorium

Brian Ly/File

If you ever find yourself missing the blustery heat of summer, have no fear — the uncomfortable heat is only a lecture hall away. Wheeler Auditorium is sort of magical in that it somehow manages to be 80 degrees and humid inside even in the dead of winter. If you want to warm up and pretend you’re basking in the sun’s rays, just head inside, audit whatever lecture is happening at that moment and enjoy the sweaty warmth.

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NOVEMBER 08, 2015