PSA: Refrigerator cleaning

Matt Campbell/File
Matt Campbell/Senior Staff

If your apartment exemplifies the economics concept “tragedy of the commons,” you should probably keep reading. Unless you enjoy living in borderline sanitary conditions, the state of your apartment would horrify your parents and some days it even horrifies you, don’t worry, on Nov. 15, you and your roomies can all bond and celebrate National Refrigerator Cleaning Day! What could be more fun? Here are a few reasons to motivate you and your roommates to actually clean your refrigerator:

Finding Tupperware: Every time you cook and have leftovers, it seems impossible to find a Tupperware to put them in. You have to search in the depths of your kitchen cabinets, and the best you can come up with is a mismatched container and lid. We bet there are lots of matching Tupperware shoved in the back of your fridge — rescue them!

Start a compost bin: National Refrigerator Cleaning Day could inspire you to get into composting and then gardening! There’s plenty to compost because there are items shoved in the back that have been lingering in your fridge since the beginning of the semester.

Roommate bonding: You and your friends could have fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to make this a regular activity or keep cleaning other areas of the apartment. If you’re on a roll, take advantage of that and clean everything else!

Security deposit: Remember that huge amount of money you paid when you first moved into your apartment? In order to receive it back when you move out, your apartment has to be clean and the refrigerator is not an exception. Cleaning out your fridge now and trying to keep it clean for the rest of the semester will be better than frantically trying to clean it in May when you’re moving out.

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