Taylor Swift lyrics that apply to your Tele-BEARS

Carina Zhao/Staff

Tele-BEARS is important for us because it helps us transition to another semester, and yet, “we couldn’t quite forget” the horrors it brings about. It seems as though we are never truly “out of the woods” with Tele-BEARS, and “Tele-FUCKED” is a term that will be forever embedded into our vernacular. We at the Clog discovered that much of Taylor Swift’s complaints about love and relationships are equally applicable when we complain about Tele-BEARS. Here are some situations where Taylor Swift’s words apply perfectly to our lives at UC Berkeley.

“I got tired of waiting …Wondering if you were ever coming around. My faith in you was fading” — from “Love Story”

When you haven’t moved up the waitlist after weeks

“Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now” — from “Fifteen”

When you enrolled in classes for Phase I that aren’t full during your Phase II, and the classes you were planning on choosing for Phase II are full.

“Find out what you want … Be that girl for a month … Wait, the worst is yet to come, oh no” — from “Blank Space”

When you decide to change your major right as Tele-BEARS appointments are about to begin.

“You (were) the best thing, that’s ever been mine” — from “Mine”

When you drop a class and then want it back again.

“And then the cold came, the dark days … When fear crept into my mind” — from “Back to December”

When you think you forgot your Tele-BEARS appointment.

“I’ve got a blank space (in my schedule) baby, and I’ll write your name (if I could)” — from “Blank Space”

When, for some unknown reason, you couldn’t add the class that you want.

“You were all I wanted, but not like this” — from “All You Had to Do Was Stay”

When you have to email your adviser in order to get the class or adviser code you want. 

“You had it figured out since you were in school” — from “The Lucky One”

When you used ScheduleBuilder to plan out your classes during lecture before your actual Tele-BEARS appointment.

“Got nothing in my brain. That’s what people say” — from “Shake It Off”

When all the classes you want to take are full and you have no idea what to choose. 

“We are never, ever, ever getting back together. Like, ever” — from “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

When your 15-minute appointment with your adviser that you patiently waited a month for is completely useless and you still don’t know which classes to take.

“Take a look what you’ve done, ’cause baby, now we got bad blood” — from “Bad Blood”

When all of your friends have earlier Tele-BEARS appointments than you — there there, we’ve all been there.

“Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show” — from “Bad Blood”

When you beg your professors to let you into their already full class, but they refuse to let you in.

“Baby, can’t see you see? You belong with me” — from “You Belong With Me”

When a class you really want to take doesn’t work with your schedule.

“I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me” — from “I Knew You Were Trouble”

When AirBears2 decides to be especially unreliable during your appointment.

“It’s a love story, baby, just say yes” — from “Love Story”

When, by some miracle, everything works out and your schedule is perfect in just a couple of minutes.

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