Notes from my journal: Honest thoughts

John Lawson/Staff

I try to write down my honest thoughts. I leave my notebooks open on the kitchen counter all the time, and every once in a while, a house guest will steal a pilfering look. Sometimes this makes for interesting conversations.

I have a horrible memory, so I try to record things I see and hear for recollection at a later date. One day, I’ll devote an entire day to exploring the corresponding Wikipedia pages, but for now, they are just taking up space in my page hard drive.

I wilt drastically if I leave the house without my notebook. It’s like a passport. Or a neurosis.

Someday, many residual years of keeping expensive journals will kill me. The Moleskine leather-tanning process employs the use of carcinogenic chemicals.

I used to make real art — now I just doodle.

If you’re strapped for cash, I recommend buying knock-off hardbound journals from Daiso. They are also good Christmas presents if you’re cheap.

2Chainz probably totes a Moleskine. MF Doom definitely uses legal pads.

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