Dirks issues statement on UC Berkeley White Student Union page

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Campus administrators issued a statement Monday regarding the UC Berkeley White Student Union Facebook page, which, since the letter’s publication, has been deleted.

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, along with Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion Na’ilah Suad Nasir, addressed UC Berkeley students and community members in the letterposted on the Berkeley Diversity website, stating that the page did not “foster a serious and constructive dialogue” about race.

“While UC Berkeley honors First Amendment rights, we do not endorse this attempt to create conflict and make light of the efforts of activists, locally and nationally, who have worked hard to hold us all accountable for providing a campus climate where every student is safe, welcomed and respected,” Dirks and Nasir said in the letter.

The page was initially created Saturday evening and was quickly the center of contention within the campus community. It was deleted Monday, but that evening, however, a new page named “White Student Union at UC Berkeley” had been created.

Various students took to social media to voice their concerns regarding the group’s creation. While some students expressed anger, some simply doubted the group’s validity.

“This does not reflect the values of our campus community,” Dirks and Nasir said in the letter. “We thank all of the students and community members who reached out to us and shared their voices in solidarity.”

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