50 thoughts we have while eating at the Golden Bear Cafe

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NOVEMBER 24, 2015


  1. Why is the food so expensive here?
  2. How is shredded cheese extra for a burrito?
  3. Shouldn’t cheese be included in the price of a burrito that is nearly $10?
  4. I mean, I guess I’ll pay for it.
  5. What would a burrito be without cheese?
  6. $14 for a well-made burrito?!
  7. Uh.
  8. Meal points don’t really count as money.
  9. Okay, cool, got my Chipotle knock-off.
  10. Time to find a seat!
  11. There’s so many random empty seats.
  12. Why can’t people just sit next to each other?
  13. I guess I’ll be that awkward third person that closes the gap.
  14. Or I can just wait five or 10 minutes for someone to get up and leave.
  15. Yeah, let’s go with that.
  16. But then I would only have 20 minutes to eat.
  17. Fine I guess I’ll just squeeze into a group.
  18. Should I say hi before I sit down?
  19. Or should I just sit down?
  20. (Looks around)
  21. Is this person studying for a midterm?
  22. He looks angry, so I guess I won’t sit there.
  23. (Looks around again)
  24. Maybe I can sit here!
  25. Damn, her stuff is taking up a seat.
  26. I don’t want to bother her to move it. She seems preoccupied with her book.
  27. (Looks around for the third time)
  28. Why does everyone look so mad?
  29. Oh wait, people must be studying for midterms right now, or maybe even prepping for finals. Yikes.
  30. Fair enough.
  31. Yes! This person’s leaving.
  32. I have a table to myself!
  33. Okay, I’m sitting down now.
  34. (Stares out into Sproul Plaza)
  35. I see people I know walking to class!
  36. Am I close enough to say hi?
  37. Or too far to say hi?
  38. Oops, missed my chance, they already walked past the Golden Bear Cafe.
  39. Wow, this burrito’s not bad.
  40. Awkward, I just made eye contact with a stranger across the Golden Bear Cafe.
  41. Do I smile?
  42. No, no my mouth is full. That’d be gross.
  43. Why is this pigeon approaching me?
  44. Go away, you ugly creature!
  45. Why are all these pigeons suddenly approaching me?
  46. I’m not going to give you food. Leave me alone!
  47. The Campanile has been playing for almost 10 minutes. Is it already noon?
  48. Whoa, how did so many people get here?
  49. I guess people are really hungry after class.
  50. But I guess the pigeons that are attacking me right now are even hungrier.

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NOVEMBER 23, 2015