Why it’s too early to study for finals

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving break wasn’t much of a break. Many of us UC Berkeley students preoccupied ourselves with thoughts of imminent exams, projects and presentations that awaited us the minute we returned back to campus. Though we enjoyed the non-mealpoint purchased foods and quality time with friends and family, the last stretch of the semester has officially begun. Despite the fact that only three weeks remain before winter break, there seems to be a plethora of events on campus to attend. Because there is a bit of time before finals week, why not explore the various campus events before having to lock yourself in Main Stacks until the break of dawn? We at the Clog compiled a few things for you to do this week instead of beginning the horror that is studying for finals. 

1. Your professors are still not caught up with the syllabus. Rather than reviewing the topics discussed in class, why not review some classic performances by the Chamber Orchestra

2. You’ve been hammering out essays, practicing eight-minute-long presentations and getting together a group to study physics. You’re extremely tired and in need of rejuvenation. Before you start making study guides and annotating notes, you need some inspiration to stay motivated and persevere through the three weeks left of the semester. Check out these renowned speakers coming to campus — free with student ID: Laverne Cox, Eli Meritt and P.J. O’Rourke.

3. Your grade on bCourses isn’t an accurate representation of how you’re performing in the class. Your GSI hasn’t updated or entered a new grade since early October, and you’re in need of an outlet for channeling your frustrations. Why not drop by the Grand Slam and express your feelings in front of an audience of fellow peers? Sign up to perform here.

4. You’ve been neglecting your health for the past three months. You won’t be able to function properly on caffeine from three Starbucks Refreshers and the nutrients from microwavable meals. Why not jumpstart a healthier, more active lifestyle before finals week? Sign up for the Zombie Run with your friends and work the stress away

5. Do you remember the last time you had a proper eight hours of sleep without stress waking you up in the middle of the night? Clear your mind of finals, grab a pillow, put on some Adele and relax with a group of friends. If you want, you can always join the Facebook events such as “Get together and have a good cry.”


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