Semester checklist: How many of these things have you done?

Katie Jocelyn/Staff/Staff

Now that sleigh bells are ringing in your ears, it’s time to reflect back on the fall semester. Luckily, you won’t need to strain your memory the next time you are in the lonely confines of a bathroom stall, because we at the Clog have made this easy semester checklist for you. Tally up how many of these moments you have experienced during your semester! Or don’t, and continue holding on to the dubious claim that you had a good time this fall.

  1. Sat in the back of a mostly empty lecture hall.
  2. Took a phone call in class.
  3. Took a phone call in discussion.
  4. Took a phone call in office hours.
  5. Took another phone call, while on the phone with your professor.
  6. Improperly disposed of a piece of well-used chewing gum.
  7. Borrowed a piece of paper from a stranger to take notes.
  8. Borrowed a notebook from a stranger to take notes.
  9. Borrowed a laptop from a stranger to take notes.
  10. Asked a question in a lecture hall of more than 100 people.
  11. Said nothing in a discussion of fewer than five people.
  12. Took a different morning route to class.
  13. Skipped classes on your busiest day of the week.
  14. Went to San Francisco without any planning.
  15. Went to San Diego without any planning.
  16. Took a walk down College Avenue.
  17. Went on a Tinder date on College Avenue.
  18. Taken your significant other to College Avenue.
  19. Made sure both persons of interest did not meet on the aforementioned College Avenue.
  20. Sang karaoke at an Oakland bar.
  21. Discovered you did not actually know the words to “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye (because the Kygo remix is missing serious portions of the song) while singing karaoke at an Oakland bar.
  22. Went to a hip event in San Francisco you found on Facebook.
  23. Met a hip person you found on the Internet.
  24. Returned from the aforementioned meeting with your hip still intact.
  25. Gotten into an argument with a bouncer at a Berkeley bar.
  26. Won an argument with a bouncer at a Berkeley bar.
  27. So decisively won the argument that you asked to see his ID and he obliged.
  28. Got a fishbowl at Kip’s.
  29. Bought a pet fish for your room.
  30. Realized that even fish can’t survive with that much rum in the bowl.
  31. Visited a friend’s family.
  32. Visited a friend’s family for a holiday.
  33. Visited a friend’s family for Halloween.
  34. Went shopping in Emeryville.
  35. Went shopping in the Mission District.
  36. Did not go shopping once the entire semester.
  37. Visited Lake Tahoe.
  38. Went furniture shopping with a friend.
  39. Got an A on the paper you should be working on right now.
  40. High-fived your GSI.

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