Avoiding the plague during dead week and finals

Tina Pai/Staff/Staff

A plague has fallen upon the UC Berkeley student body. If you haven’t noticed by now, you’re either living under a rock or you and your friends are very lucky. We’re not quite sure what this flu-cold monstrosity is, but we do know that students are succumbing by the dozens. With finals season approaching at full tilt, all-nighters are a staple of our daily (and nightly) lives and stress is in the air even more than holiday music. We at the Clog know that nobody can afford to spend their RRR Week and finals week feverish and more miserable than necessary, so we put together a guide to avoiding falling victim to the flu.

If you’re not already sick:

Get lots of sleep.

Sophia Zepeda/File

Sophia Zepeda/File

We know that it seems impossible around finals to try to get a solid five hours of sleep a night, much less the recommended eight hours, but your immune system will be happy if you do. Plus, it’s a lot easier to study on a full night’s sleep and without fighting off the winter colds.

Orange juice

Preemptively drink tons of orange juice. Vitamin C is supposed to boost your immune system, so try to get that boost before you need it, rather than after.

Take care of yourself

Minal Mehta/File

Minal Mehta/File

Try to be healthier than ever. It’s really easy to let your health go in college, especially at the end of the semester, but that also means it’s easier to get sick. Actually go to the RSF for once, switch out the endless pizza rolls and ramen for a salad once in a while and make sure to drink tons of water. The healthier you are right now, the easier it’ll be to deal with the flu, should you get it.


If you’re really serious about it, don’t leave your room, especially if you have a single. The outdoors are overrated and full of germs. It’s much easier to avoid catching the flu from someone if you don’t come into contact with anyone or anything.

If you are already sick and need to get better ASAP:

Drink Tea

Taylor Follett/Staff

Taylor Follett/Staff

If you’re just beginning to get sick or only have a sore throat, hot herbal tea with honey works way better than cough drops. It’ll soothe your throat and taste delicious, and hopefully catching the cold early will stop it from getting much worse.


Get into bed and stay there for at least 12 hours. Is it a good idea to miss a day’s worth of classes or RRR Week review sessions to sleep? No, but it’s preferable to having a fever during your philosophy final when you really need to think critically.


Taylor Follett/Staff

Taylor Follett/Staff

Don’t be stubborn about it and take some medicine. We at the Clog understand how annoying it is to actually admit that you’re sick, but know when to cut your losses and break out the cough syrup — the sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll start to feel better again.

Take a break.

We know that between end-of-the-semester banquets, holiday activities, trying to spend time with your friends before break and studying for finals, you’re stretching yourself pretty thin. If you have to, bow out on that last club meeting and stay away from the drinks — you might miss a little bit, but you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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