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7 things that make dead week bear-able

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DECEMBER 07, 2015

Well, it’s that time of year again. Reading, Review and Recitation week — better known as dead week — is here, and with it 24-hour stints in the library and the looming realization that you really should have gone to those 8 a.m. lectures. While dead week can be brutal, here is a reminder to celebrate the little wins that make it not all bad.

Waking up in the morning and realizing you don’t have to put pants on

There’s one upside to being holed up in your room all day to study — you can skip the fancy pants. Let your legs roam bare and free, or embrace the pair of sweatpants or fluffy pajamas for the entirety of RRR week. If you do decide to venture out into the open, sweatpants, yoga pants and other forms of comfortable clothing are universally accepted. Say goodbye to jeans and to the stress of deciding on an outfit — it’s dead week.

Getting a foam heart in your latte

Latte art can perk up anyone’s morning, but it’s no secret that baristas can be especially sympathetic during dead week. There’s nothing like taking a moment to look down at your coffee through tired eyes and seeing a heart or a cocoa powder portrait of your face. No matter how dead you are from dead week, a foam heart is a reminder that someone cares and that, fueled by a warm latte, you can power through your study guide.

Seeing your ex, who hasn’t showered in days, stress about finals

You’re trekking to Main Stacks, eyes glazed over from sleep deprivation, when you see it — the all-too-familiar backpack belonging to none other than your ex. You start to pick up your pace, shove your earbuds in and make sure to keep your eyes on the ground. But then, out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of the Crocs, the matted hair and the eye bags that could almost pass for black eyes. You smile to yourself knowing that your ex is in even more misery than you are this dead week, and you know you are finally over your ex. Revenge is sweet.

Realizing you’ll never have to see that awful GSI again

The great part about RRR week is that classes are no more, and you can finally be free from the nagging guilt of skipping discussion sections with that one awful GSI. But beware, you may have to face them again when attending a review session or begging for extra credit to boost your grade.

People watching

With so many students flooding the libraries and cafes close to campus, you may find it hard to find a seat at your favorite study spot. But if you do, you can take part in one of humanity’s favorite pastimes: people watching. Seeing your fellow Bears stress out about finals may help remind you that we’re all in this together — or maybe this activity just serves as an entertaining distraction for when that textbook reading becomes too much to bear. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile experience that we highly recommend.

Finding out that your favorite movie is on Netflix

After months of midterms holding you back from exhausting Netflix’s movie library, you finally have time to watch all of those movies that you’ve been meaning to watch. Practice your Blue Steel while watching “Zoolander,” so no matter how hard your finals are, you’ll at least look fierce taking them. Release some stress on a day off with Ferris Bueller, or get inspired to knock out your finals by watching “Rocky.” Whether you want to laugh or cry this dead week, Netflix has got you covered.

Having time to spend with friends

With classes officially over, you and your friends no longer have excuses not to see each other. Take a study break together over coffee or a meal to laugh, vent or cry because you’re all stressed out and sleep-deprived. Or organize study sessions to drill each other on material and keep each other focused. No matter what, friends are there to get through tough times together, and dead week is no exception.

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DECEMBER 08, 2015

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