Clog’s declassified RRR Week survival guide

The week before finals week is the week we’ve all been waiting for – RRR Week. To make sure we don’t risk the possibility of dying of too much stress, caffeine or alcohol, we at the Clog sat down to think of every important thing we must consider to survive this week without any scars.

Stock up on food.

For those of you who have excess meal points, make sure you stock up on some energy reviving food to last you this week of procrastinating, fighting through and studying. Go healthy and grab boxes of strawberries, grapes and other fruits, or go all out and grab several packets of chips and energy bars. Better yet, RRR Week places itself straight in the middle of the holiday season — stop over at Peet’s and grab a Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte with dashes of peppermint bark.

For those of you running out of meal points or simply without, do not fear — there are always plenty of other options. Grab a sandwich at Cheese ‘n’ Stuff, fried rice from Thai Noodle, hot dogs from Top Dog or shamelessly feed off of that friend’s meal points who’s desperately trying to get rid of them.

Find your study spot.

In case you haven’t already, you should definitely explore around, go through several test experiences and find that go-to study spot that’s going to make you reach 99 percent productivity. When your residence hall is too messy or you’re still hungover from last night, you should establish a go-to study spot where you feel comfortable. If you want to try something new, take yourself to the Howison Philosophy Library, throw out a mat in the Eucalyptus Grove or hide out in Dwinelle’s Ishi Court.


There will be a time, no matter how much you procrastinate or chill out, that you will stress about some final or some paper this week. It’s all natural, and it’s all OK. Squeeze in some exercise time whenever you can and head out to the RSF to alleviate that pressure. Or catch up on all that sleep debt through the last few weeks of cramming for your midterms and finishing all those rough drafts. But most importantly, don’t kill yourself with stress, especially when you have a campus and city with so much to explore. Take a trip to the Indian Rock Park at night, walk along Strawberry Creek, walk down to Elmwood or, if you really want a short getaway, hop on a random AC Transit line and see where it takes you in Emeryville or San Francisco.


What is a study week without some procrastination? Ensure your membership for this month on Netflix and snuggle up to streams of shows to get your mind off the impending doom of finals. But if you’re a hard achiever, maybe you could watch “The West Wing” in pseudo preparation for your political science class, “Law and Order” for your legal studies class or just any other show as an excuse for your media studies or film class.

The real deal: get to studying.

Many of us associate RRR Week with having a lot of time to relax, having fun and then getting to the studying part eventually. Truth is, RRR Week will pass by faster than you would think. As much as you’re happy about having a week of no school, remember that you’ve battled through 15 weeks of school to get here — push yourself for one week and you’re out of here. Make your schedule and set yourself up with goals and rewards for the week. Go to the review sessions your GSIs are conducting. Hang out with a couple of friends after your dinner and make a study guide. Maximize all this time that you’re gifted with before it goes away. Good luck and roll on, you Bears.


Contact Sowgandhi Rayapudi at [email protected].