How to go through RRR Week without leaving the Student Union

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DECEMBER 07, 2015

As students resumed classes following Thanksgiving break, many noticed something wonderful: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union and Eshleman Hall are now open 24 hours a day. This is a call for celebration for late-night studiers everywhere — no longer must your cramming sessions and RRR Week all-nighters be confined to the crowded and eerily silent depths of Main Stacks, where you have to sneak food in and nap on cramped desks. The Student Union doesn’t just allow you to eat — it even sells food! You can basically live there.

But what if you actually did?

Challenge accepted. If you’re feeling up to the task, just follow this guide from the Clog to see if you can handle five days straight of living inside the Student Union.

Your Starter Kit

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Kelsi Krandel/Staff

This endeavor is going to take some preparation. Bring a backpack loaded with the bare essentials: your laptop and phone charger, pens and paper for note-taking, some spare snacks, plenty of cash and enough underwear to last you the week. Just underwear, you say? Yup. The task here is living off of the land, and everything else you need is right there for you. For extra comfort, we also recommend bringing a sleep mask and earplugs to really do this right.


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Start off your morning with a trip to Equator Coffee, your new go-to place for the next several days whenever you need to be perked-up. From there, scout the building until you find an open table, and stake it out. This is your new house for the next few days, or at least until you decide that you need a change of scenery. Grab lunch at Root 150 for a food break — maybe a soup and salad combo to start off the week.

When it gets to be nighttime, you’ll need to eat again. Meet True Blue Burgers, your primary dinner joint for the next week. Most of the food locations in the Student Union close in the afternoon, but True Blue Burgers stays open at night to feed ravenous students, and they also have breakfast foods if the pastries at Equator just don’t do it for you. For dinner choices, you’re pretty much confined to burgers or chicken strips, so start the week off with a burger and your choice of either fries or tater tots. Work until it’s late, then grab one of the comfy chairs in Eshleman’s lobby and curl up in your brand spanking new bed.


True Blue Burger.clog.Krandel
Kelsi Krandel/Staff

Day two is going to be similar — study, lunch, study, dinner, study and sleep. Since it’s Taco Tuesday, head to Asado for lunch today and enjoy a burrito or taco. Dinner tonight is back to True Blue Burgers, but this time try their chicken strips to switch it up. It’s not the same as the Golden Bear Cafe chicken strips, but they’ll suffice.

You’re probably feeling a bit antsy at this point, in which case it’s worth noting that Eshleman Hall has two dance studios inside — the first is on the second floor, and the second is in the basement. If it’s free, just duck inside to stretch or run around. Or, you know, lie in the middle of the floor and cry. It’s RRR Week. Who actually exercises?


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Let’s be honest — when it comes to RRR Week, no one is going to look twice even if you’re wearing the same clothes two days in a row, but the third day is kind of pushing it. If only there were a clothing store in the building you could check out, right? This is where the Cal Student Store comes in handy. Take some cash or even your Cal1 Card debit points and buy yourself some spirited sweats and a T-shirt to last you for the next two days.

You haven’t gone to House of Pi for pizza yet, so try that for lunch today. To switch it up, go to the Bear’s Lair for dinner tonight. It’s a little pricier, but you deserve a change of scenery.


Kelsi Krandel/Staff

You’re over the hump, but you’re probably going a bit crazy by this point. Switch up your study spot today — change your view, find a comfier chair or do whatever you need to better your studying environment. Head back to Root 150 for lunch today and try a sandwich this time. Then maybe head to one of the ridiculously nice bathrooms in the building, sit in the non-graffitied stall and wonder what it is you’re doing with your life.

You have two choices for dinner: You could either head to True Blue Burgers again, or you could use Postmates to have food from other restaurants delivered to the building. We’re sure it’s possible, and the look of sheer confusion on your deliverer’s face when he or she walks into a public building to bring you your pad thai itself would be worth placing this order.


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Kelsi Krandel/Staff

It’s your last day here! You’ve made it! Get one last coffee at Equator and spend the rest of the morning ignoring how disgusting you probably look right now. Lunch today is whichever restaurant here is your favorite. As for clothes, just change back into what you wore Monday and Tuesday. Trust us, no one is going to care what you’re wearing by Friday of RRR Week.

For dinner tonight, head back to the Bear’s Lair and treat yourself to a drink — you’ve earned it! After that, maybe go home and shower. As in, actually go home. See your friends. Sleep in your bed. Reintegrate into society, and maybe spend the weekend before finals living with some degree of normalcy.

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