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Reasons why we're counting down to break

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DECEMBER 07, 2015

Thanksgiving break gave us a tiny taste of what winter break will be like, and now we’re anticipating the end of finals like never before. The thought of winter break is sweeter than the pumpkin pie you had last week. Here are some winter break things we’re daydreaming about in the midst of finishing up final projects and studying for exams.

Winter weather

If the winter in your hometown doesn’t make getting out of bed unpleasant in the morning, despite it being winter, then Berkeley’s weather for the past few weeks might’ve been unpleasant for you. On the other hand, if you’re from somewhere that typically experiences snow, seeing people from home posting pictures of skiing trips has been torturous for you because the only precipitation you deal with here is rain. Whether you prefer warmer or colder weather, Berkeley’s weather just doesn’t cut it for you, and you can’t wait to go back to the weather that you know and love.

Hometown favorites

If you went home for Thanksgiving, five days wasn’t enough time for you to go to all of your favorite restaurants, especially since Thanksgiving dinners are always followed up by three days of leftovers. Even though Berkeley has great places to watch sunsets and many route options for running, it’s always nice to go back home and re-visit your favorite places from the past.

Guilt-free Nextflix binges

Finally, Nextflix can be prioritized in your schedule. During break, you’ll truly be able to “Netflix and chill” because you won’t be worried about the assignment you’re procrastinating on.


Even though your family is a little crazy, a semester without it is more than you could bear. Be sure to bring everyone in the family, from your pets to your grandparents, some Cal apparel to wear this holiday season. What better way to make it seem like your whole family is proud of you, right?

A break from dining hall food

The novelty of Crossroads probably wore off somewhere around the end of September, and late nights only sound appealing when you’re really not under any influences. Dining hall food was probably an even bigger let-down after your home-cooked Thanksgiving feast. But don’t worry, a stocked refrigerator and an endless supply of home-made meals are well in your future.

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DECEMBER 06, 2015